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Makes Work Much Easier!

Hi there, I just wanted to let you guys know that I love your equipment. They have kept me going. You guys design great products that are very durable and I very much appreciate you for making work much easier and better for me. Thank you again,



ECHO's Start Easier, Last Longer, and are More Reliable!

For my trimmers,edgers, and blowers I run ECHO exclusively. I have purged all the other brands out. I have tried them all, but it's simple...ECHO's start easier, last longer, and are more reliable than anything out there. I use all 280 series powerheads: an SRM-280T trimmer, PE-280 edger, PAS-280 with a pro-torque trimmer head, bed redefiner, shear, power pruner, and edger attachment. I am very particular about running quality, especially throttle response and acceleration smoothness. The 280 family is simply the best running, smoothest accelerating, most responsive powerhead out there. I love the incredible power and smooth, precise lateral acceleration of this unit. and blowers, well, i have a the so-called 'strongest blower on the market' Redmax maxes and my PB-770T just kills it.. More power, more comfortable, more durable. My clients, like me, demand consistent perfection, that's why I run ECHO...simply the best. You can bet a lifetime of two-cycle repair and operation experience on that.

BJRB Landscape
Cartersville, GA


Have Not Had a Single Moment of Downtime!

I have in my fleet the following Echo units: a CS-370,a SRM-230,a SRM-280T, and a HC-150. It is so important that I have zero down time due to not only the number of clients I have but the perfection-level quality they expect. Down time is not an option. In the three years I have been using ECHO with my company, I have not had a single minute of downtime. Performance is awesome. The SRM-280T is unblieveable in its power, i run the .155 size line in it, and its cuts through just about anything. I also have products from ECHO's sister company, Shindaiwa, and they are also execeptionall well built, tough, dependable, powerful machines just like their ECHO counterparts. Both are far and above anything else out there. Especially Stihl. I also maintain a fleet for a large company in Atlanta that runs Stihl exclusively, and I have been able to get them to buy a few PB-770T blowers, and the cost of owning an ECHO vs a Stihl BR600 is over 75% less during the life cycle of the machine. I promise you will have less problems with ECHO versus any other brand.

BJ Godfrey
Riverbend Landscape Service
Cartersville, GA


Getting Rid of All My Other Brands! (SRM-266T, HC-150)

To the ECHO Company: I had to write you all to say how pleased I have been with ECHO's products.I have been a Mechanical and Design engineer for 3yrs and Master Automotive tech for 5 yrs so I am very demanding of my power equipment and can identify quality right out of the box. I currently own an SRM-266T and a HC-150 and they are outstanding products. I am in the process of getting rid of all my other brands of blowers, chain saws, blower/vacs etc. to switch to all ECHO products. I also must hold ECHO in the highest regard because you provide outstanding documentation for your products online. I have no worry if I can find a part number for a repair, it's all right there new or old. I have done hours of research on commercial level products and ECHO has left a mark on the commercial world for such. Take it from a critical engineer, these products last and work great.

Caleb B.
Knoxville, TN


Dependability, Durable, and Hard-working (Trimmers, Hedge Trimmers, Blowers)

I am not only a huge ECHO fan, but exclusively use your products. I only use ECHO string trimmers, hedge trimmers and backpack blowers! Many of my colleagues also confidently use your products, I personally think highly of them. Dependability, durable and hard-working are synonymous with your products. I purchase all of my ECHO products at two local dealers: Emerich Sales and Service in Charlton, NY and Goyers Power Equipment in Troy, NY. Both dealers do a great job with sales and service!

John Van Etten, PGMS President-Elect
Hoffman Landscape & Design
Albany, NY


ECHO Is My Brand From Now On! (CS-400; Chain Saws)

Dear Small Engine Wizards,

I have owned various string trimmers and chainsaws for the last thirty years and have had limited success with any of them. In addition, I worked for the state of Texas, in various capacities, from prison guard to State Park Superintendent, for over twenty-six years and experienced a whole spectrum of various manufacturers of small engine equipment due to the contract and low-bid system of selecting which items of equipment could be purchased. Over all those years, I learned quite a bit of small engine maintenance and operation and prided myself on my ability to perform preventative maintenance and keep the equipment running, but still I remained unimpressed with the overall operation of the equipment I worked with and it seemed my services were always in demand for getting string trimmers and chainsaws started and keeping them running.

That is until my brother-in-law started bragging on his ECHO chainsaw and weed trimmer. At first I was skeptical, since I had never had any experience with the ECHO line, mainly because the state of Texas only considers price when awarding contracts for equipment purchasing and secondly because I, like so many consumers, did the same thing when purchasing my personal equipment. Well, let me tell you, I was most pleasantly surprised when I purchased my first ECHO chainsaw (model# S130 ) in 2003 and then a string line trimmer a few years later.

These two pieces of equipment have been the most reliable, easy to start and low maintenance tools I have ever had the pleasure of using. I had no idea there existed such a reliable machine as an ECHO small engine, I have used these tools for hours on end at a time, without any interruption other than to refill the gas and oil. There’s no telling how many man-hours myself or the state of Texas could have saved in maintenance due to breakdowns of the “cheap” brands, this is the result of what happens when price is the only consideration made in purchasing equipment, truly, this is a case of you get what you pay for, my only regret is I wish I had known about ECHO equipment sooner. ECHO is my brand from now on.

You have my congratulations and gratitude for producing a quality line of outdoor equipment.

Thank you for putting out a GREAT product! I am one satisfied customer.

P.S. Since my original message, a huge (120 yr old, 32 in diameter) oak tree fell across my driveway, taking out the power supply line for my house. I just pruchased a CS-400 and it allowed me to clear the way in no time. Once again, thanks for making such a great product!

Dennis W.
Fairfield, TX


I Tell People to Buy the ECHO

I had a husqvarna 125 B leaf blower and was nothing but trouble when brand new in 2008 the bolts came loose in the motor twice then the throttle cable broke and they had to put a whole new carb in it i got lucky this all happend under warranty. So then in spring of 2009 I went to Lang's outdoor power equip our local dealer in Marietta Ohio and bought the ECHO PB-251 and other than breaking a pull cord or two and getting carb adjusted a few times it has been no trouble at all. Then for christmas of 2010 I got the PB-250 and it has been a darn good blower the throttle cable broke had to put new carb on under warranty but other than that no trouble what so ever. Then in March 2012 my dad bought me for my 30th birthday a ECHO SRM-225 straight shaft weedeater this machine has been awsome really enjoy using this machine. Then on sat 6/9/12 I went and traded my Husqvarna at our local dealer i traded for a echo pb 2100 that they used as a rental they let me take it a few days before to try it out. the PB-2100 was made in oct 2000 have not had much chance to play with this blower yet i traded my husqvarna and $25 to get this echo PB-2100 the only thing i have that is not a ECHO brand is my mower it is a husqvarna 700L with Honda engine. A friend of mine has a ECHO straight shaft that is 15 to 20 yrs old and runs like a champ. I tell people to buy the ECHO brand because you get the five year warranty to where other brands only have two years on warranty.

Matt E.
Marietta, OH


A New Generation of ECHO User (Blowers, Trimmers)

Good afternoon. My name is Pedro and I recently bought my very own ECHO blower and weed wacker. Growing up, my father always used ECHO products, being that we were gardeners. The ECHO product is dependable, quality, and now I have become the new generation of ECHO users.I am commited to ECHO. Thank you.

Pedro S.
San Fernando, CA


Has Not Caused Me Any Trouble - And a Trade! (PB-251, PB-250, SRM-225)

Dear ECHO, I am 30 years old and have a PB-251 Leaf Blower and it runs good. I have had the carb adjusted a few times  new spark plug and a fuel filter other than that it has been a trouble-free machine other than breaking a pull rope or two. Then I also have the PB-250 that I got for Christmas of 2010 and runs good. The throttle cable broke had to put in a new carb but no big deal because it was done under the warranty. I also have the SRM-225 weedeater and it also runs great. Got it as a birthday gift in March other than putting gas in it and running it the thing has not caused my any trouble at all. I had a Husqvarna 125B leaf blower I traded it for a PB-2100 from my local dealer that they used as a rental. They let me take it and try it before I traded. I ran the PB-2100 and it ran good, it was made in October 2000. I traded the Husqvarna blower and $25 for the ECHO PB-2100.

Matt E.
Marietta, OH


Good Product!

I do not know how many of your customers send you good news but I felt as if I should share this with someone that might see fit to pass this story on to the upper staff. I have many of your products including a weed trimmer that I have used very aggressively for 31 years. This story, however, is about one of my chainsaws that went through it and back. I traveled to my second home in southern Ohio about two months ago to work around my cabin. The task that weekend was to clear a few trees that had fallen across my trails to my deer stands. The weather was not fit to complete the work so a trip home in the rain followed. My saw in its case and other tools made the trip home in the back of my truck. The evening drive managed to get me home about midnight. The unloading of my tools was not the highest priority so they were off loaded quickly in the shed. Last weekend May 17, I was planning to finish the original tree removal so I gathered my tools and to my surprise my saw box seemed a bit heavy. After opening it I was infuriated with myself for what I found. The rain from the trip home two months before had blown in my saw box and filled it with three inches of water. My saw was moldy and in pretty rough shape. Here is the amazing part!!! I poured out the gas and oil and reworked the recoil spring. I primed it and after two pulls it fired and ran as good as new! This saw sat in three inches of water for two months. I have many of your products and feel confident that I will buy many more. It is human nature to complain but seldom do we hear about the good things. You make a good product keep up the good work!!! Just thought this might get to the right people.

Jerry S.
Findlay, OH


Hands Down Best Trimmer! (SRM-225, CS-400, PB-500T, HC-150)

Hi. My name is Sean. I own a small landscaping company in Easton, PA. I'm writing this letter to tell you I started with my first ECHO 2 years ago - a SRM-225 hands down the best trimmer yet. Since then I have switched all my 2-stroke tools to ECHO so I have 3 SRM-225, 1 CS-400, 1 PB-500T and will be getting another one this fall. I also have a HC-150. All of them are great.

Sean G., Landscaper
Easton, PA


Can't Wait to Buy Another ECHO (General)

Great customer service...Went above and beyond ,I can't wait to buy another product from ECHO

Chester, NY


Best Equipment I've Ever Purchased

I just want to let you know how satisfied I am in your product. I have recently purchased a CS-400 chain saw, and now, an SRM-225 weed trimmer. They are, hands down, two of the best pieces of equipment I have ever purchased. I can honestly say that I will never turn away from ECHO. I just thought that I should share that with you. Thanks again!

Matthew J.
Pottsville, PA


Try One & You Will be Impressed!

I've been working with ECHO blowers for over 29 years and you cannot get a better blower, period. They don't want to die. They're just built to last. Also, I would like to mention that we just bought are first ECHO chain saw CS-450P. So far, it's been a really good saw. It is a bit heavier than the competition, but I'm sure they will address that soon. ECHO has been great for my business. Try one and you will be impressed!

Robert H.
Waterbury, CT


Long Time Fan (Trimmers, Chain Saws)




Still in the Family Since 1984!

Dear ECHO. I write to thank you for the great equipment. My father has always used ECHO since he began landscaping back in '84. ECHO is still in our family. I have a question I hope can be answered tho.....why don't you make lawn mowers?

Zach V.
West Patterson, NJ


Every ECHO Product is Amazing! (SRM-2601, SRM-3100, PB-200, PB-250, PB-500H)

Every ECHO product I have used is amazing! We've got two trimmers, a 1998 SRM-2601 and a 1997 SRM-3100, both are still running strong. I love my PB-200's and my PB-250. Today at the church work day, I used a PB-500H, and boy was that fun to use! I plan to start cutting lawns in my neighborhood this year, and once I earn enough money, I'm going to buy a PB-500H.

William M.
Baton Rouge, LA


Thanks for the Care (SRM-225)

I have an ECHO SRM-225 weed eater that needed a new trimmer head installed. I could not figure out how to take the old head off-as it seemed to be free to spin and with nothing to grab on to remove. I went to Home Depot in Norwalk, CT and asked the Garden Department Manager Kevin if he could help me to install a new head that I purchased at Home Depot. After much visual discerning, Kevin went about going on-line for any responses to any related issues, and he found what was needed. He devoted his time to me and I could not have come off with a better result from a more courteous staff member. He replaced the head-even at a great taking of his work time, and my Weed Eater works perfectly. I could not have done that without his help. I am very grateful to Kevin and to Home Depot for taking care of their customers-in this case, me- and in their sales of their products which are reliable, useful, and worth the purchase. I just want to thank Kevin, and currently benefit from his care and concern.

Home Depot
Norwalk, CT


I Had the Choice

Hello, I am Tim Robinson, owner/operator of Robinson Lawn Care.  I had the choice of whatever brand I wanted.  I ask a lot of people what they thought about ECHO, most of the people I would ask didn't know anything about ECHO.  All anybody would say is Stihl.  So I decided to take a chance.  WOW!!!  I made the right choice.  I know other people that have purchased other brands because of the name or cheaper.  I put quality first and now that I have been using ECHO for a couple of years I have no doubt when I walk out the door that my equipment will run flawlessly all day, every day.

Some of the other people using other brands are at the shop a lot and still try and tell me they have better equipment.  I think that you all should advertise more.

Robinson Lawn Care


I believe I have begun my 6th year. I own 2.6 acres, of which 1.75 is bermuda lawn and some shade grass. I have a sidewalk, driveway, trees, street, etc. My GT-200 is still going, and I mow and trim about every three days. I take pride in my yard. The trimmer starts like clockwork. 3 pulls, 4 max. I was so sold on my ECHO that I have collected other products which I use regularly, with no problems. You get what you pay for. I have a CS-400 chainsaw, a blower, and my trimmer. If ECHO made a car, I would trust it too.

Timothy P.
Baxter Springs, KS


Tim R.

Hello, I am Tim Robinson owner operator of ROBINSON LAWN CARE.

I had the choice of whatever  brand I wanted. I asked a lot of people what they thought about ECHO, most of the people I would ask didn't know anything about ECHO; All anybody would say is Stihl. So I decided to take a chance. WOW!!!! I made the right choice.  I know other people that have purchased other brands because of the name or because they were cheaper. I put quality first and now that I have been using ECHO for a couple of years now, I have no doubt when I walk out the door my equipment will run flawlessly all day everyday.

Some of the other people using other brands are at the shop a lot and still try and tell me they have better equipment. I think that you all should advertise more.



Robinson Lawn Care


Don't like your products, I love them.

I had a friend in the lawn maintenance business and he recommended ECHO. I purchased a weed eater, chainsaw and blower. That was 1979 and I still have them today and they run great. The blower is slow to start but so am I!. when they need to be replaced I will only buy ECHO. Thought you might want to hear from a very satisfied customer.


Hank P.
Maryville, TN


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