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ECHO is proud of the durability built into every one of our products, and we are developing a library of our customers’ product testimonials. If you have a story to tell about the ECHO equipment in your garage, please send a synopsis and a photograph (if possible) using our testimonial submission form. We would be pleased to add it to our site. Below are some of the submissions to date.

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  • I am Echo through and through

    Good evening, In 2001, I started a neighborhood lawn care business to supplement my family’s income. I started Yardian Angel Lawn Care with a yard-sale mower, a Black & Decker electric trimmer and a push broom being loaded and unloaded out of the back of my sedan. After gaining a few clients, I purchased a truck and upgraded the trimmer. I did extensive research as well as looked closely at the professional landscape trailers in the area to discover Echo was the manufacture of choice. I visited a local dealer and bought the smallest model so as to not overextend the new business. With a brand-new SRM-210 in my hand, I immediately knew I made the right decision. The lawn business began to grow. After purchasing a quality mower, it was time to expand my Echo arsenal, allowing me to work smarter, not harder. I purchased the Echo PB-403T backpack blower. Looking at another manufacturer’s products wasn’t even an option. The services had to increase to keep pace with customer demands and expectations. I then looked at purchasing a stick edger. Not being familiar all the options, I completed additional research to find that Echo had the most powerful option on the market with the PE-311 and it made short work of the most difficult of tasks. It has served me extremely well and has been a great piece of equipment. To round out my exclusive love affair with Echo, I also purchased two backpack sprayers, MS-4. During twelve years, the business grew and I changed my focus from residential services to almost exclusively commercial clients. The Echo equipment afforded me that migration without having to change or upgrade equipment. Approximately three years ago, I closed the business and sold my commercial riding mower and trailer but could not come to grips with departing from my Echo equipment. I refused to. I retained every piece until last week. Last week, I took my SRM-210 in for service and received the devastating news that a cylinder was scorched and the entire trimmer had to be replaced. I was heartbroken but knew that 15 years of residential and commercial use was a great track record for the trimmer. After not being in the market for a trimmer in years, I researched the changes in technology and features and narrowed my options down to Echo and Stihl. In the end, I could not stand the thought of having anything but an Echo in my hands. I am now a proud owner of an SRM-225. The local hardware store, Nevada Hardware (Nevada, Iowa), did a great job of price matching to a dealership in the greater Des Moines area to save me the drive. The staff was very helpful and made the purchase extremely simple. I am Echo through and through and just wanted to share my story with you. Thank you for making such great equipment that I have come to rely upon for more than a decade and a half. Chris Andersen

    Chris Yardian Angel Lawn Care Nevada, IA
  • So much torque on this unit totally impressed me

    Recently purchased a SRM-266 trimmer and all i can say is wow. So much torque on this unit totally impressed me . Ease of starting and the noise level is at a minimum , i am very happy with my purchase and will return to the dealer who i have bought my power equipment through. Thanks Echo.

    Scot Newburgh , IN
  • Very happy owner with the 2 Echo products i purchased

    I recently looked online at the Echo website and looked over trimmers and blowers . Found a local elite dealer and went there and discussed the items i found online . The dealer was very knowledgeable of the equipment he sells. Made my decisions very simple and i left with a new trimmer and blower. I purchased the 255LN low noise blower and could not have been more impressed with the ease of starting , how quiet it was running and the amount of force to clean off the grass after mowing and trimming. The warranty offered on the Echo products i purchased are by far the best in the business. Very happy owner with the 2 Echo products i purchased.

    Scot newburgh , IN
  • This sprayer is GREAT. It exceeded my HIGH expectations!

    This morning, after a lot of online comparison shopping and reading reviews, I purchased my first backpack sprayer. MS -41BP. I recently moved and now have several apple, plum, and cherry trees. I have only had past experience using the small canister type sprayers and when I tried using them on my new trees I knew there had to be a better way. The canister sprayer was requiring numerous refills, constant pumping, and to get my trees sprayed I had to carry a 8ft ladder around to each tree and still could not get very good coverage. I was very frustrated. I checked numerous web sites for reviews on backpack sprayers and went to a local lawn service echo dealer this morning. The dealer said he had personal experience with echo's backpack sprayer and that I should be very pleased with it. I brought it home. Found assembly to be quick and easy. Filled it with water for a quick check out and could not believe what I saw. This sprayer is GREAT. It exceeded my HIGH expectations! It sprayed great. Good coverage and GREAT distance. I mixed up some insecticide for my fruit trees and went to work. I was able to do all my trees, 6 large plums, two large apples, three small cherries and several other small trees with the four gallons I mixed. I didn't even need the ladder I had taken out. The spray reached the tops of all our trees with great coverage! This is a great sprayer! It saved time, was much safer by no longer requiring me to climb and move a ladder, and saved my arm. Just guessing, 20-30 pumps on the handle was all it took. I could not be happier with my purchase!

    patrick athens, TN
  • They were used so long we actually wore them out

    I was self employed at one time owning a tree business. We did lots of trimming of evergreens.a local dealer ordered us a Echo hedge trimmer maybe the first of its kind in town.I converted it over to electronic ignition.That was all I can remember having to repair on these trimmers.We liked the starting with ease ,not having to pull more than twice on COLD starts.THE trimmers were used near twenty years .They were used so long we actually wore them out.They never had an easy life.So thats why my new blower is an Echo. 

    Tommy na amarillo, TX

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