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ECHO is proud of the durability built into every one of our products, and we are developing a library of our customers’ product testimonials. If you have a story to tell about the ECHO equipment in your garage, please send a synopsis and a photograph (if possible) using our testimonial submission form. We would be pleased to add it to our site. Below are some of the submissions to date.

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Looking Forward To It

Bought today refurbished from Home Depot. Although I haven't had a chance to really test it out, it feels like a high quality machine. Simple, easy pull to break on choke and it fired on the next pull. Tuned right and responds instantly to throttle. Looking forward to many years of service.

Big Stone Gap, VA


Great Product (PAS-225; Pro Attachment Series)

I just bought the PAS-225 Value Pack 7/15/2015, which I got the weed trimer and Edger. I already own the power blower PB-251 I have had this for over 6 years trouble free. it is real easy to change from the edger to the trimer and real easy instruction to follow in the manual. I will end up buying the blower attachment, so all I will have is one power head to service. A great product Malcolm, Evansville, IN

Evansville, IN


Echo Makes Great Products! (HC-152; Hedge Trimmers)

I purchased the HC-152 because of my experience and the performance of my Echo blower, works great and never a problem (5 years). I use the product all day for several hours, worked great! No issues, cut through very large branches and has plenty of power. I did look at battery powered options but when you factory in limited charge time, cost of additional batteries etc... and lost time waiting for product to charge, there was no savings. Echo always delivers and you can't beat the warranty. I went to a local Stihl dealer to review their options and when I told the manager what I was looking at for Echo, he said "I can't beat that, the warranty is amazing. Echo makes great products!

Canton, MA


I'll Always Be an Echo User (HC-1500; Hedge Trimmers)

Im writing you to tell you how much your products can withstand abuse and neglect. I recently moved into my new home and found this Echo HC-1500 hedge trimmer laying in the dirt behind a shed out in the back yard. It had must been left outside by the previous owners. The house has been empty for sometime at least a year before we bought it and moved in. The amazing thing about it was the only thing wrong with it was the primer bulb had rotted off and the blades were rusty from being out in the weather for about a year or so. I went to a outdoor power equipment dealer and got a primer bulb. I installed the bulb and it fired up after about 4 pulls. I did have to adjust the carburetor settings some but it started up and ran. I couldn't believe that this trimmer sat outside for about a year and it all it needed was a primer bulb to start and run. I did have to keep spraying oil on the cutting blades for a couple of weeks until most of the rust came off the blades. I still have the trimmer today and use it about once a month to trim some hedges in the back yard. Thank you for making such a great product. I will always be an echo power equipment user. Thank you Ken

El Dorado Hills, CA


Kudos to Echo (PB-413H; Blowers)

Kudos to Echo. 9 years I purchased an Echo PB-413H backpack blower. It has seen literally 100's of hours of hard usage. We live on a 5 acre property with lots of large trees. Fall season mean hours and hours of leaf blowing. The Echo backpack blower has been flawless for 9 years now and continues running strong. My typical experience with most 2-cycle yard implements has not been good. Within a relatively short period of time they have developed starting problems due to carburization issues ... not this product. It ALWAYS starts on the 2nd pull and runs strong for as long as required. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone. If and when it needs to be replaced I will purchase another Echo blower. Thanks Echo for your dedication to high reliability products.

greenfield, IN


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