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ECHO is proud of the durability built into every one of our products, and we are developing a library of our customers’ product testimonials. If you have a story to tell about the ECHO equipment in your garage, please send a synopsis and a photograph (if possible) using our testimonial submission form. We would be pleased to add it to our site. Below are some of the submissions to date.

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Outdoing Their "Big Boy" Saws (CS-330T; Chain Saws)

Hi, my name is Kristin.  My husband does tree trimming and falling.  He has been using the ECHO 330T for a few years now for when he is trimming trees, and whenever he isn't in a tree using it, I have it in my hands using it for trimming up branches and cutting rounds.  I can cut stuff up twice as fast as his big saw and it has shown up other guys' saws when he has someone helping us.  It is broke down now (broken handle) and he wants to just buy a new saw (another brand), and I want the ECHO fixed because I love it.  It is so easy to run and cuts through everything with ease.  I am his "grounds man" and I get asked all the time what kind of saw it is, and I tell them all about it, let them feel how light it is, and let some of them make a cut with it so they can see how amazing that little saw is.  I have tried his other saws and I think the ECHO is way better.  It's such an awesome saw, and if I can get it running again I will make it my saw and keep using it on jobs and keep outdoing their "big boy" saws.

Carson, WA


I Asked Him if he had a "GOOD" Chain Saw ... (CS450-P; Chain Saws)

Hello. I wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know that I recently purchased one of your chain saws and I am very happy with it. Prior to the purchase of my ECHO I had a brand new Husqvarna. I had just set up hunting tent and only had an hour of daylight left to cut some firewood for the night. I fired up the chain saw for the first time and it would not run properly. It kept stalling when I let go of the throttle. It would take 5-10 minutes to get going each time. Then it started to ping and knock. I did manage to cut enough wood for the night, but the next day I drove into Coleman, Ab to the only ECHO dealer in town.

The owner took my Husky into the back, opened it up and discovered some broken parts. That was enough for me. I asked him what he had for a "GOOD" chain saw. He showed me the ECHO models that he had on hand and explained to me that they are very highly rated. He demonstrated how easy it was to start it. Two pulls and it fired right up. Then he shut it off and with only half a pull it started again. That was good enough for me. I purchased the ECHO.

Peter N.

Testimonial Review: For the Rancher in You (CS-590 Timber Wolf; Chain Saws)

ECHO Timber Wolf CS-590 Chain Saw for the Rancher in You

Chain saws are must-have tools for homeowners with large yards that include trees, shrubs and other foliage. Storms and wind will often fell old or diseased trees as well as throw branches everywhere and a chain saw is the only tool capable of safely and swiftly clearing the debris. Long valued on ranches and farms, chain saws are no longer for arborists or farmers.

We checked out the Husqvarna 455 Rancher last year and ECHO contacted us with an opportunity to test their Timber Wolf CS-590 chain saw which was rolled out to Home Depot and independent retailers a couple months ago. It’s available in 18″ and 20″ bar lengths and aims to compete with Husqvarna 455 Rancher, Stihl MS 291 and MS 290 Farm Boss.

Out of the box we installed the bar and chain, then added chain oil and pre-mixed gas/oil. We followed the startup instructions from ECHO and the chain saw fired right up! There’s a handy decompression valve that makes starting it very easy and the pull is gentle on the shoulder. The air filter is located at the back of the saw and is easily accessible and the translucent fuel body makes it easy to check the level.

This is no “beginner” saw as it’s made for tough work and its heft might scare away the dainty types but is required for heavy-duty jobs. With a 59.8 cc engine it’s the largest of the bunch and has power to spare.

If you’re a cowboy you’ll love this chain saw even more as it’s the official chain saw of the Professional Bull Riders. Visit ECHO’s website and you can hear a testimonial video from two time PBR World Champion Chris Shivers who retired last year from professional bull riding to be a full time rancher and is running a 1,000 head herd, raising livestock, and organizing his Mini-Bulls Training Camps and Competitions.


Got Trees? ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf Chain Saw Can Take Care of That (CS-590 Timber Wolf; Chain Saws)

By Matt Weber in Extreme How-To, Lawn and Landscape Equipment, Tools · February 13, 2014

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty chain saw built tough enough to withstand the roughest ranch and farm environments, then check out the new CS-590 Timber Wolf chain saw from ECHO. It’s equipped with a 59.8-cc, 2-stroke engine that delivers 3.89 horsepower—that’s more than the leading competitor models in the same size class.

The EHT staff put the CS-590 to work on some recent land-clearing jobs. The saw was easy to handle and performed like a champ.

The saw features a decompression valve and a digital ignition system for easy starting, and believe me, this is a nice amenity. I’m no fan of jerking my arm out of socket from fighting a stubborn pull start. The G-force Engine Air Pre-cleaner is engineered for top-notch performance and to help reduce air filter blockage.

Available with 18- and 20-in. bar lengths, the CS-590 has a handy side-access chain tensioner, a clutch-driven oiler and a dual-post chain brake system. The saw’s housing has a spring-cushioned anti-vibration system for comfortable longtime use with less fatigue and muscle ache. ECHO backs this tough-as-nails chain saw with a 5-year consumer warranty. Find out more about the saw at




4 Star Rating from Popular Mechanics Magazine (CS-590 Timber Wolf; Chain Saws)

Echo CS 590 "Timber Wolf"


Price: $400

Engine size: 59.8 cc

Weight (fueled): 18 lb

Bar length: 20 in.

Likes: The Timber Wolf excels at one difficult job: bucking (crosscutting) big logs. It easily gnawed its way through a frozen cherry tree that measured 26 inches across. We liked that gutsy performance and were pleased to find the saw starts easily, despite its big engine. Press its compression-release valve and two or three yanks are all it takes to make the Timber Wolf howl to life.

Dislikes: This is more an observation than a complaint. The Timber Wolf is a lot of cutting capability for the money, but it's also bigger and heavier than the other saws. We started this test with Echo's feisty bantamweight, the CS500P ($449 to $469), a great little machine and the lightest 50-cc saw in the industry. But a saw in that price range was no match for the Husqvarna or Stihl. The Timber Wolf proved to be more competitive. If you want to get close to the Stihl's or Husqvarna's cutting ability, you'll need to move up to a much bigger saw.

Popular Mechanics Magazine


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