Handyman Club Reviewers:

The unit is light and easy to handle. Gas powered so no tripping over electric extension cords! Easy cold start. I have a waiting list of friends asking to borrow it!
Edmund T,
Tobyhanna, PA

The ECHO ES-250 is great! It's lightweight, powerful and not too loud. I was able to use it to clear my
patio and walkway, then vacuum it all up within 20 minutes!  My dad immediately asked if I wanted to give him a demonstration of the ES-250....at his house!
Paul G,
Bakersfield, CA

The ES-250 is an excellent value for the everyday homeowner. Great value for the product.
Brandon K,
Maple Grove, MN

Using the ES-250 was very easy.  It started right up and ran like a champ.  Everyone that saw the ES-250 thought it was a great machine and wanted to try it out.
Edmund M, 
El Paso, TX

The ES-250 worked perfectly straight out of the box. Assembly is simple. It has a hurricane force blower that loosened even soaked and compacted leaves. The shredder/vac sucked up everything from thousands of cicadas to small pieces of tree branches. It took 5 bags to clear my double lot. I cut the grass, blew it and the leaflets from 3 large ash trees into piles and the wet leaves from last fall on the patio. Then used the Shred 'N' Vac® which took everything without complaint. I was very impressed. It outperformed the electric blower I have and don't use because of the cord which is always in the way and never long enough.  My neighbor and his teen son were impressed and could not hear the unit inside their home.
Bruce M,
Shelbyville, IL

I really liked many little features and the ease of starting. It seems more durable than many with both blow and vacuum pipes.  The bag was well designed to release the air and trap the mulched leaves.  The neighbors were impressed and even thought it to be quieter than a neighbor's gas powered blower. He wished he had a vacuum attachment to his and promised to borrow mine if needed (possible sale???)
Richard B,
Newark, OH

I had no new leaves on the ground but found that it would pick up matted leaves from last fall without any trouble.  It converts from blower to vacuum quickly and with only a screw driver to release the lock mechanism. It's lightweight enough that my young boys are able to use it and love having something to clean up after yard work other than a broom.  They loved it.
Steve M,
Bountiful, UT

I would recommend this product because of its low noise level and the power which the product exerts in both the blower and shredder/vac modes.  My son-in-law stated he would purchase this product. 
Bud A,
Grand Rapids, MI

Very handy to have a vacuum/blower; converts to either easily. Cleanup after doing a job can
be an unenjoyable chore; this is a great timesaver.  Lots of ooh's and ahh's; very nice looking and they enjoyed taking it for a spin. The ones that haven’t are waiting impatiently for their turn.
Dan C,
Corning, NY

I use it for getting the leaves and pine needles out of the rock areas in my landscaping as well as on my large patio area where leaves and other yard debris collect.  It's great to use after I cut my lawn to clean up after the mower as well. It worked great shredding everything into a fine mulch. Everything that it sucked in was ground to mulch.  If the debris was small enough to get sucked in, it ended up as mulch in the collection bag.  The machine starts on the first pull so it's very easy to use.    All things being considered though, the machine works great for me and I like knowing it comes with a 5 year warranty. My wife thought that I was Tim Allen on Home Improvement! More power!  She thinks it’s great that I now clean up after the mower and "Sweep" the patio.
Michael H,
Castle Rock, CO

The ECHO ES-250 Shred 'N' Vac® is easy to start and lightweight.  We are retired people and it is easy to handle. We use it for grass clippings and the bag holds a lot.
Norman K,
Comstock, WI

This is a great little machine. It mulches grass into a good size and it is great for the garden. The neighbors like it. They think it's a convenient tool to have since we are trying to establish compost for the garden.
Suzanna W,
White Salmon, WA

Easy starting, blower power excellent, even mulches pine needles without clogging.  Have lots of friends and family wanting to borrow it. They have envy and wish they had one also.
Gary B,
Navarre, FL

I would recommend the ECHO ES-250. It has plenty of power for those tough blowing jobs and leaf pickup jobs.  My friends saw it and were impressed.
Jeffrey K,
Plainfield, IL

The ECHO ES-250 did great. I had a Homelite years back, but ECHO  has better power and
the vacuum part was 10 times better. I got this at right time in June when we hada hail storm damaged house, cars, plus trees leaves all over. SO I was busy with the ECHO. It did work easy for us.
Ronnie H,
Greer, SC

After using the product for both blowing and shredding tasks, I was quite impressed with the tool.  I used it several times a week for both functions and never had any issues.  It had plenty of power as well as being much quieter than any similar product I have used before.  It was easy to change from blower to vacuum.  It started easily, in fact, just the way the manual said it would.  I have owned Poulan, Weed Eater, Black and Decker, and Sears blower/vacuums and this is by far the superior product.  The bag was comfortable to wear, easy to remove and very easy to empty (a definite plus). I had a couple of friends and neighbors who can't wait for it to be released so that they can replace their old units...they were pleased with its performance as well.
Roger D,
Cheasapeake, VA

The ES-250 does have a powerful blower for its size. The vacuum part, however, is the best feature. In my yard I have a small hobby orchard with 18 trees. The ES-250 was able to shred the pruned branches and took little effort to suck up the grass and weed trimmings. The Shred 'N' Vac® filled the bag easily, not once did it hesitate when vac bagged the debris.
Tex  R,
Ogden, UT

This product is great for vacuuming up mid-summer leaf drops and lawn clippings, vacuuming sidewalks and patios, as well as other odd jobs around the yard, and my yard is large.  My son-in-law used it to vacuum out his rain gutters. He was impressed.
Richard K,
Salem, OR

  • 25.4 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine
  • Bayonet-style intake tube locking system
  • Positive locking collar secures blower pipe
  • Patented 4-blade shredding mechanism
  • All pipes included to convert from shredder to blower
  • Rear zipper bag
Engine Displacement (cc) 25.4
Carburetor Rotary
Starting System Standard
Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.) 16.9
Average Air Volume (cfm-pipe) 391
Maximum Air Speed (mph-pipe) 165
dB (A)1 70
Dry Weight2 10
Consumer Warranty 5 years
Commercial Warranty 2 years
Rental Warranty 90 days

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