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ECHO is proud of the durability built into every one of our products, and we are developing a library of our customers’ product testimonials. If you have a story to tell about the ECHO equipment in your garage, please send a synopsis and a photograph (if possible) using our testimonial submission form. We would be pleased to add it to our site. Below are some of the submissions to date.

  • Product Testimonials
  • These trimmers are rugged and get the job done!

    This is my second Echo trimmer. The new one is for around my home. The last one I used to trim 1600 ft. of trail in our woods once or twice each month we owned the property. We owned the property for 17 years but used the trimmer only ten! I can attest that these trimmers are rugged and get the job done! Our new one is a SRM 266 and probably more than I need but I know we can count on it for great service for a long time.

    Dennis retired Newark, NY
  • I had to stick with the Echo brand

    I purchased an Echo SRM-2100 21.2cc weed eater/ trimmer in May of 1999. It has been in use until June 2018. It would still be in use today if I had purchased an ignition coil and put on it. I looked at different places online for the coil, but, I decided not to put that much money into a 19 year old piece of equipment at this time. Last season (2017) I bought an aftermarket carburetor and put it on the 2100. It worked fine, and would still be working if not for the coil. I kept the old carburetor, took it apart cleaned it and put it back together, and put it away for safe keeping. I did not put it back on the SRM-2100 weed eater/trimmer. The SRM-2100 is still in good shape, and I will repair it someday. On June 5, 2018 I bought a new SRM-225 21.2cc weed eater/trimmer. I used it for two hours to do all the weed whacking around my house. Like anything new it takes some getting used to. I had to take the string feeder (bottom) off a few times because my line either broke off inside the head or got stuck from not being wound properly. I'm not complaining here, just stating what I experienced. It has the new type head that you don't have to take off to put on new line. You line your output holes up with an arrow on the top of the nylon head, run your trimmer line through it and wind the spool with your hand until the line is out to your desired length. If the line is out to far the line cutter will cut it off. After having the SRM-2100 for 19 years, I had to stick with the Echo brand when I decided to purchase a new weed eater/trimmer. Yes, I looked at a Stihl. The Stihl looks bulkier to me. The Stihl was also a 21.2cc engine and cost the same as the Echo. The empty weight of the Stihl is a few ounces lighter then the Echo. I won't knock Echo or Stihl products. Both are quality built and reliable products. I made my recent purchase at STI Turfcare Equipment in Colfax, NC. Couldn't have dealt with anyone more friendly, or nice as the people there. I have dealt with STI before, a long time ago. That being said, when you buy quality products, you don't get to see them that often. I also got a military discount from STI. You do have to show proof of military service.

    Richard Summerfield, NC
  • I bought an echo trimmer in 1987

    I bought an echo trimmer in 1987, and used it to trim around head stones in a 3 acre cemetery. Last year the gears in the head on the end of the shaft wore out, I went to a dealer in the area and was told that no parts were available for this trimmer. I was looking at the new trimmers and noticed that the new trimmers had the same looking head, I asked the dealer if he had a head for a new trimmer, he told me he had a used trimmer laying around, he told me he had a trimmer that the engine would not run, and took the head off the shaft and put it on my 30 year old trimmer, it fit and I bought it for $10 dollars, it ran for the rest of the summer. It wouldn't start in late September, so I bought a new echo trimmer from Home Depot. With this experience with echo I needed a new chain saw so went to Home Depot and bought an echo chain saw hope I'm still using it 30 years from now, I'll be only 104 years old in 30 years.

    Thomas Thomas Lombard Georgetown, PA
  • I am satisfied with the unit

    I received my echo PB-580T leaf blower yesterday and used it for several hours today. It started cold quickly and restarted hot. The leaf blower worked very well and I am satisfied with the unit.

    Michael Holbrook , NY
  • Would recommend to anyone

    Having gas trimmers for many years with their problems; mixing gas, fuel line/carb, tune-ups and anything else related to the engine, I decided to give an electric trimmer a try. Went to my local dealer and they recommended the Echo DSRM-200. Since it was on sale (and the last one they had), the price was right to purchase one. Boy am I glad I made that decision as I took it home, put it on charge (about an hour, per instructions - first use) and sent about trimming my property. It normally takes me about 45 minutes to walk my 3 acres and trim what I do and I had no problems completing the task with 1/4 battery remaining (there is a nifty battery gauge check on the battery itself). Spooling a new line is the easiest I have ever seen (cut line to length, feed thru both holds and twist knob until wound). I was concerned that the battery would not last for my trimming needs but it powered thru. Prior Echo gas trimmer owner and not sorry I purchased this trimmer and would recommend to anyone that would consider a battery trimmer. Noise is just the grass getting cut as the electric motor is barely heard, so no gas engine revs to disturb close neighbors. Quick spin up from dead stop, as fast or faster than gas. Weighs slightly less than gas with full tank. Charging is quick for those extended run, about an hour.

    Michael Rochester, WA

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