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ECHO is proud of the durability built into every one of our products, and we are developing a library of our customers’ product testimonials. If you have a story to tell about the ECHO equipment in your garage, please send a synopsis and a photograph (if possible) using our testimonial submission form. We would be pleased to add it to our site. Below are some of the submissions to date.

  • Product Testimonials
  • 15% Cost Savings!

    We ran four BRD’s this summer and, instead of doing the work with a spade edge, they resulted in a 15% cost savings equivalent to almost seven personnel. It also reduced the amount of waste we’d bring back to the yard and we didn’t need to worry about it showing up every day – it was there in the tool trailer all the time. This is a tool the industry definitely needed.

    Patrick Palmers Property Maintenance Northern Virginia
  • An Absolutely Amazing Tool!

    The BRD-280 Bed Redefiner is an absolutely amazing tool. In an area where bed edging has always been too costly to catch on as a regular service, it’s now part of our contract maintenance. The tool is super easy to use and weighs less than a really good spade.

    Charlie Landmark Landscapes Arden, NC
  • This CS-590 Timberwolf is a BEAST. I purchased this because my other chainsaw needs some attention and I have no time as of this to order the parts and get it done in a timely manner. We got slammed by hurricane Florence and trees and limbs were everywhere. After my little 36cc saw went down I went to a place that sold ECHO and Stihl chainsaws...both very good products. My final decision came down to price and warranty and previous experience with both brands. The Stihl 250 was priced at $350 with a one year warranty and the ECHO CS-590 was priced at $399 with a five year warranty. My decision was a no brainer, $50 more for the 5 warranty, more power, options for bar size (up tp 27 inch) and the reliability of ECHO products made the decision a very easy one. This Timberwolf ate through a 24 inch oak with ease...like going through soft butter. It also cut through a 38 inch pine even easier. I am one very satisfied ECHO owner and I also have other ECHO products that meet or exceed my expectations. GO ECHO!!!!

    Timothy Mr Jacksonville, NC
  • JUst Bought, put together and used my new PB-580-T Gas Back Pack Blower. Easy to start up, use and it had even more power than I expected. I retired my ten year old Husguvana blower and I was uncertain if the Echo would be it's equal. No Problem. Sincerely, A very Satisfied new customer Michael Coschigano

    Michael Fuquay Varina, NC
  • I'm clearing about 14 acres with Chainsaws, tractor, and Stump Grinder. Also heat my cabin with wood. My old 380 Poulan Pro was getting old. That was one of the professional saws Poulan made. It was a great old saw and someone offered me 295 dollars for it and I wanted an Echo 590 because I have no confidence in the newer Poulan saws. The choice made sense so using that money and add to it I bought my Echo 590. I've NEVER regretted it. I Love my Echo saw. In fact, I bought a CS 310 right afterwards to replace my old Sthil 024. Then I liked Echo so well, I bought a cs490 to replace my Sthil 026. Not because the old Sthils were not working but because I wanted new saws. Then I bought an Echo cs352 and realized the cs130 was no longer being used so I sold the cs310. Now I'm extremely happy with my 3 Echo saws. The 490 with chain and bar weight exactly the same as my Sthil ms 026. It cuts about the same. Now I never crank my Sthils. I guess I'll sell them. I'm keeping my Sthil ms 029 because it's my cut stumps flush saw and Sthil is a good saw. Probably way over priced. My choices of saws is based upon two things. It has to cut very well, be easy to start, run good etc. AND, the price has to give me a lot of saw for less money. If you want to pay more for a saw that cuts like an Echo, that's your money. My money stays in the bank and my Echo saws cut like a superior Chainsaw should. My 590 DID NOT come with a professional Rim drive clutch. THAT made me angry , then, the Cost to upgrade was expensive. However, few Farmers will need a Rim Sprocket. To upgrade the 029 Sthil to Rim was half the cost of upgrading the 590 Echo. The Echo 620 is already a Rim Sprocket. But it's more expensive. The 490 Echo came with a Rim Sprocket. My ONLY complaint with the 590 Timberwolf is the CHEAP Spur Sprocket. That is why I use my Sthil 029 when I can and save the 590 for those huge Gum and Oaks. I don't expect a Rim Sprocket on the cs 352 or smaller but it's absurd to build an almost 60 cc saw and drive the chain with a cheap Spur gear. There's NO excuse for that. But other than that, I love the saw. When a good after market clutch becomes available for 25 bucks you can bet my Echo cs590 will get the up grade to become the saw it could have been. It should have been done when the saw was assembled for a couple bucks more. I'd have been happy to pay 15 bucks more. They didn't offer me an upgrade that cheap, more like 100 bucks. Now I need a tooth pick. That left a bad taste in my mouth. For everyday trimming and small trees a cs 352 will be about all anyone needs. Get two bars and chains just in case you pinch the saw. It's almost as good as having two saws.

    Chief Redelk Ministries Dubberly, LA

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