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  • The quality and durability of the brand is very good

    I have used Echo In the past and this is the first time buying for my own use. The quality and durability of the brand is very good. I like the easy start and easy handling.

    Richard Princess Anne, MD
  • I highly recommend Echo products

    I am a returning customer of Echo. Very satisfied with my echo product. For quality, and long lasting service without problems. Best brand going. I highly recommend Echo products. Weed eaters and blowers.

    ronald Houston, TX
  • The Timberwolf has taken some serious abuse and keeps on trucking

    I use a cs-590 timberwolf, a PPT-280, and several backpack blowers on a daily basis. The timberwolf is the best chainsaw I have ever used my only problem is my chains get dull to fast. Cutting down on average 5 good size trees a day the timberwolf has taken some serious abuse and keeps on trucking. The PPT-280 pruner/polesaw is the most usefull saw I've invested in, perfect for the crazy high branches and last week I used it to cut down a quarter mile strip of thick brush/trees infront of an apartment complex and had no problems with it for the whole project. I'll never buy anything else after these great experiences with echo.

    Logan Oklahoma city, OK
  • Good performance it does the job!

    I started with echo 5 years ago. best product on the market bar none. I will never use anything else. easy starting, I have a trimmer and blower. Good performance it does the job!

    ted dallas, TX
  • Works Great, Easy Start Up

    purchased a pb-250 power blower works great quick start up alot of power also purchased a cs-310 chain saw so far works great easy start up would definetly recommend both products

    robert r brooklyn, NY
  • Gets abused and still cranks every 3rd shift

    We have an Echo at the Fire Department and it gets abused and still cranks every 3rd shift for me so I bought the weed eater hoping that I will get the same reliability out of it.

    Greg Savannah, GA
  • The stuff works great for edging sidewalks

    thank you for sending me the Black diamond line the stuff works great great for edging sidewalks and great for trimming tall grass I can't wait to purchase one of your blows just saving up the money right now to do it hoping to have it before fall comes so I will have a good blower for leaf cleanups thanks again

    Brandon Orlando , FL
  • Thanks again for making the best outdoor power equipment in the world

    Echo is simply put, the best you can buy, bar none. I bought my first trimmer some where in the eightys and it lasted over twenty years. I now own a gt model and a srm-225 plus a cs 360 and cs 590 chain saws and they are the ultimate in quality and performance. I just can't say enough good about your products and I recommend them to everyone I possibly can. Thanks again for making the best outdoor power equipment in the world.

    Tom shelby, OH
  • Both are great products , & I would recommend it to anyone.

    I purchased an echo GT2000 grass trimmer on 9/3/1994. Never had any problem . Still have all original parts on it . This is what influenced me to buy the echo CS-310 chain saw the other day . Both are great products , & I would recommend it to anyone.

    Thomas Evansville, IN
  • Easy to start, easy to use

    I have owned many Echo products. Digging in this Georgia red clay is a task- The Echo tiller does it . You may eventually wear down the tines, and even rattle your teeth, but not the tiller. Cutting Kudzu and Briars is no task for the trimmer with blade attachment. Keeping the sweetgum balls blown off the deck and yard walking area is easy with the leaf blower and prevents this old body from tripping up on them. These balls make walking a challenge that needs to be eliminated. The CS400 is light and a wood cutting machine. Easy to start, easy to use. Just bought a CS490 to get a longer bar.

    Ben Jasper, GA
  • Thanks for producing quality products If you ask me stay with Echo you can't go wrong!!!

    First I'd like to thank you for keeping my cattle inside the fence! I bought a srm2500 string trimmer I believe over 30 years ago! For most of it's life it trimmed all the pastures that had electric fence. We had 1300 acres and half of that was constantly trimmed below the hot wire. It was bought in Michigan so it was just hung up for the winter full of gas and five months later started up for another season of trimming. I had to clean the carb once and one replacement plug other than gas and string I never spent a dime on anything. We cut wood to heat the house and to sell and we always had several different brand saws, never Echo! We moved to Florida and everything went with the farm so we needed a small trim saw for around the house Just recently we looked at the small 14" trim saw you had on sale for $200. I brought the trimmer along with us and thought why not give Echo another try. Well that little saw performs as well as any of the saws we used to make a living on the farm. Three pulls out of the box and off she went. Every time I looked at that weed trimmer I thought is this the year we have to buy another trimmer? Well it still screams when I pull the throttle as it does whatever I ask it. Thanks for producing quality products If you ask me stay with Echo you can't go wrong!!!

    John Lehigh Acres, FL
  • They start easily, run great and last a long time

    I use all Echo products simply because they start easily, run great and last a long time, and I have a great local dealer. Futch's Tractor Depot. 

    Cecil Elkton, FL


  • I just can't say a bad thing about it, I love it

    Back in the early 80s I bought an Echo 2300 watt generator on Long Island. I use it during power outages. I keep it full of fuel at all time, I do ad a stabilizer to the fuel. Now living in Florida, we just took a direct hit from hurricane Mathew. I took the generator out turned on the fuel, set the choke and with one pull it started right up. This is after siting for more than two years, fantastic! It ran 24/7 for 4 days, barely using much fuel. It powered my fridge, TV, a light and a fan. I just can't say a bad thing about it, I love it. Never let me down, I plan to use it for the rest of my life then I guess my son will have it. Thanks

    Walter New smyrna beach, FL
  • Great power and easy start

    Great power and easy start. I am sure this will last longer than the 2 years my skill unit lasted

    Howard Home owner Chicora, PA
  • This ECHO customer will never stray to another junk name brand product

    For years I have bought crappy products that had to be replaced almost every year, then I found ECHO. Saw the product before on discovery but never had a store that had it in my area. 5 years ago I bought my first ECHO chainsaw. It still starts on the second pull. I now have 3 saws, 2 weed eaters, and a limb trimmer. I love your product and please continue with your quality. This ECHO customer will never stray to another junk name brand product. Thank you, Tom Richards, Meramec Valley Farm

    Tom Meramec Valley Farm Sullivan, MO
  • This product has ended the most frustrating part of lawn work, thank you.

    I've used electric powered string trimmers for years and had lots of frustration when restringing the 80mm line as the line would get stuck when letting out new line. The pre-strung spools are costly but do work better and don't get stuck or let out excessive line. This week I purchased 40 feet of "slientwist" line and restrung my empty spool as usual but this time the line was perfect, never getting stuck, (causing me to stop and take spool cap off and fix) and generally cutting better then any straight line I ever used. This product has ended the most frustrating part of lawn work, thank you.

    Craig Camarillo, CA
  • The unit started and ran perfectly, as expected.

    I currently own 2 Echo chainsaws, 1 Echo string trimmer and just purchased an ES-250 Shred 'N' Vac. I just unboxed the unit, set it up and used it to blow acorns off my driveway. The unit started and ran perfectly, as expected. This unit has a very low noise level and should give me very good service. 

    Don Marshalltown, IA
  • I highly recommend both products

    I own 2 Echo products: Back pack blower model # PB-580T and a Hedge trimmer model # HC-152. I love both products. They do more than I ever expected. I use them both for residential use. We have a lot of leaves and the blower is incredible at moving piles of leaves at a time. It also will blow our river gravel rocks around. It is definitely powerful. I just recently purchased the Hedge trimmmer HC-152. I use it on our shrubs. It will cut branches up to 1/2 inch. It is extremely efficient and powerful. I highly recommend both products.

    Stephen Crestwood, KY
  • Your products, I'm sure sell themselves

    Just a very positive experience dealing with one of your dealers, Pat at Wake Outdoor Equipment in Raleigh, NC. Your products, I'm sure sell themselves: however, it can't hurt having a knowledgeable, honest owner helping the inexperienced customer make the best decision. Pat is a tremendous asset to the Echo company.

    Charles Homeowner Raleigh, NC
  • My first ECHO!

    my first echo and I'm really enjoying it!!!!!

    Joel NA Woodruff, SC
  • These are great products

    these are great products I work on a lot of power equipment and these are built very nice .I had a commercial redmax before and this is built as good or better cant beat 5 yr warrantee just my imput thanks

    steve zanesville, OH
  • I am very pleased with my equipment

    I would suggest echo products to anyone.They are very reliable and got plenty of power. As well as good fuel economy for the large amount of work that the equipment can handle.I am very pleased with my equipment.

    James Cusseta, GA
  • Definitely worth the price

    This is probably the best tool I've ever bought. Definitely worth the price. Paid for its self after a couple uses.

    Dwayne Manheim, PA
  • I am Echo through and through

    Good evening, In 2001, I started a neighborhood lawn care business to supplement my family’s income. I started Yardian Angel Lawn Care with a yard-sale mower, a Black & Decker electric trimmer and a push broom being loaded and unloaded out of the back of my sedan. After gaining a few clients, I purchased a truck and upgraded the trimmer. I did extensive research as well as looked closely at the professional landscape trailers in the area to discover Echo was the manufacture of choice. I visited a local dealer and bought the smallest model so as to not overextend the new business. With a brand-new SRM-210 in my hand, I immediately knew I made the right decision. The lawn business began to grow. After purchasing a quality mower, it was time to expand my Echo arsenal, allowing me to work smarter, not harder. I purchased the Echo PB-403T backpack blower. Looking at another manufacturer’s products wasn’t even an option. The services had to increase to keep pace with customer demands and expectations. I then looked at purchasing a stick edger. Not being familiar all the options, I completed additional research to find that Echo had the most powerful option on the market with the PE-311 and it made short work of the most difficult of tasks. It has served me extremely well and has been a great piece of equipment. To round out my exclusive love affair with Echo, I also purchased two backpack sprayers, MS-4. During twelve years, the business grew and I changed my focus from residential services to almost exclusively commercial clients. The Echo equipment afforded me that migration without having to change or upgrade equipment. Approximately three years ago, I closed the business and sold my commercial riding mower and trailer but could not come to grips with departing from my Echo equipment. I refused to. I retained every piece until last week. Last week, I took my SRM-210 in for service and received the devastating news that a cylinder was scorched and the entire trimmer had to be replaced. I was heartbroken but knew that 15 years of residential and commercial use was a great track record for the trimmer. After not being in the market for a trimmer in years, I researched the changes in technology and features and narrowed my options down to Echo and Stihl. In the end, I could not stand the thought of having anything but an Echo in my hands. I am now a proud owner of an SRM-225. The local hardware store, Nevada Hardware (Nevada, Iowa), did a great job of price matching to a dealership in the greater Des Moines area to save me the drive. The staff was very helpful and made the purchase extremely simple. I am Echo through and through and just wanted to share my story with you. Thank you for making such great equipment that I have come to rely upon for more than a decade and a half. Chris Andersen

    Chris Yardian Angel Lawn Care Nevada, IA
  • Great all around equipment ECHO has for a line up

    Have always loved Echo products. Everything from their blowers, trimmers, to chainsaws. They have never left me down. I am a solo owner/operator of a lawn service and my go to trimmer is a 8 year old Srm230 with all the original parts installed. Still starts on the second pull every time and runs like a champ! As far as leaves or debris go, get yourself an Echo 770t blower. You will not be disappointed! Powerful blower that blows most of the competition out of the water. Great all around equipment Echo has for a line up. As I said you won't be disappointed!

    Patrick The Yard Butler llc. Ashland , VA
  • I would recommend echo products to anyone

    Hi!! I bought a PB250LN blower and a G225 Trimmer days apart. I've used both and are really happy with how light and easy both units are to use. Easy to read instructions and well made units. I got tired of having my other trimmers and blowers repaired. I'm small, so having a machine that is comfortable for me is important and makes life easier with my yard work. I would recommend echo products to anyone looking for a good leaf blower and trimmer. I'll check out other products as I need them!!!

    cathy Holbrook, NY
  • A happy customer

    I want to tell you of the excellent service that I received from Scott- a sales person and a mechanic at the Sequim Co-op. I brought my gas Weedwhacker in because the plastic trimmer was stuck. He worked for at least a half hour to fix it--and he did. He never called me a dummy but treated me as a good friend. I then asked how much and his answer was "no charge" I have a much higher appreciation for Echo products, because I know that you have directed that answer. I also hope that you will tell the Co-op and Scott how much this means to me. A happy customer David M Sand

    David -- Sequim, WA
  • Great product

    Great product , I bought a couple of them for my landscaping team , does the job great .

    thomas North Beach Village Resort fort lauderdale, FL
  • Echo has won me over!

    I recently purchased a new Echo blower and yard trimmer. Both products have been fantastic! Very easy to use. I will continue to purchase Echo products. Echo has won me over.

    Greg Tyler, TX
  • Good strong machines

    I've been using Echo products for a while now. They make good strong machines.

    Robert Humble, TX
  • Thanks ECHO for a great power tool

    Let me start by saying that ALL my yard power equipment is Echo. The trimmers, the blower, and the hedge trimmer. I love how great they are made and how solid they feel. I truly love how easy they start up and run strong time after time. Last week I purchased the PAS-280, the Straight Shaft Edger Attachment; and the Bed Redefiner. I used it all day on Sat. as I put a professional looking edge on all my flower and shrub beds. It truly worked great and had plenty of power to handle the rock hard dirt. I also put a great edge on the grass along the driveway with the Edger. I am more than happy with my purchase and am looking to add more attachments. Thanks Echo for a great power tool.

    Mark Newton, NC
  • I will be purchasing Echo products in the future

    Very happy with .this product. Bought a homelite previously...will not do that again.. The Echo is light weight and easy to start. Starts right up..I will be purchasing Echo products in the future

    J. Springfield, MI
  • I have been very satisfied with all of them

    I have owned probably 20 or 30 echo products in the last 20 years. I have been very satisfied with all of them. I highly recomend anyone looking to purchase lawn equipment in the future that they consider echo products.

    jimmy jimlawn Paris, TX
  • Impressed with the ease of use

    Impressed with the ease of use, Very impressed with the instructions supplied with unit. Well made.

  • I wouldnt buy anything other then ECHO

    I have the SRM-225 and the PE-225 and i love them both, I wouldnt buy anything other then ECHO. My grandfather had a ECHO chaisaw back in the 1980's and he loved it too.

    David Medford, OR
  • I've never once had a problem

    I've been using Echo since 2009. It makes work very easy on me. I've never once had a problem with my SRM-210, SRM-230, my brand new PAS-266 and attachments, PB-500H, or my other brand new PB-250LN. Echo offers the longest consumer and professional warrantys on outdoor power equipment, and that's a big plus!

    T Limerick, PA
  • Do yourself a favor and buy ECHO

    Echo is the best and longest lasting yard equipment. I have not had any issues with my last trimmer and back pack blower for the last 5 years. I'm only buying new equipment because mine old echo tools where stolen. Do yourself a favor and buy ECHO

    michael cocoa, FL
  • You Won't Go Wrong with the ECHO Lineup

    I have to say that I am ((VERY PLEASED)) with all of my ECHO lawn care products that I have purchased!!! I have the following ECHO products: CS-400 Chain Saw, HC-152 Hedge Trimmer, SRM-225 Trimmer, PAS- Power Prune Attachment, I have had these products for the last year and they have exceeded my expectation's! Absolutely no problems!! Just last weekend I was using my 10 year old Troy-Bilt gas blower/vacuum when it would not come off of idle, I have nursed this old dog for years, it did it's job but it was time to say goodbye and check out an Echo blower. I read different reviews and started falling in love with the ECHO PB-580T. Long story short I purchased the ECHO PB-580T a couple of days ago and put it to use yesterday. Wow was I impressed, this ((REALLY MOVES SOME LEAVES))! The unit is really not that heavy and feels very balanced, I almost forgot that it was there. I also liked that the blower fan actually helps keep your back cool! I found the trigger/throttle was very easy to use. I did not try the cruise control, I don't have that kind of acreage to deal with. I have always kept my lawn equipment inside of my shed when not in use and I only use PREMIXED 50:1 fuel, yes it's more expensive than mixing yourself but it takes any guess work out of the loop and it keeps the product in compliant with ECHO MFG and the 5 year (Home Owner Warranty) that ECHO provides, another GREAT PLUS!!! I also want to throw a Big Shout out to Cory @ Pro Landscapers Supply & Repair in Mesa, AZ. Cory and his team are ((TOP NOTCH))!!! I really like all (5) of my ECHO products and I will highly recommend to anyone that you will not go wrong with the ECHO lineup of products!! ECHO MFG: KUDOS! You have ((Hit It Out of The Ballpark))!! Kim.

    Kim Gilbert, AZ
  • Trouble Free

    I have always used echo weed eaters and blowers,and they have been trouble free, so so Ireplaced my old chain saw with a echo,starts very easy and hope to have trouble free luck with this product too!

    wayne montgomery, IL
  • Great Product

    I used this weekend to do about 2 acres and work to full capacity. and worked fine fulfilled full expiections. Great product.

    Steve Sprocket's TNT Inc Windsor, VT
  • Happy

    Great product for the money

    Steve east longmeadow, MA
  • Very Dependable

    Hello, To let everyone know I have been using Echo products for twenty-one years. I have found them to be very dependable with a very long life span. Just purchased a PB-255LN blower and it's great. I now have ten Echo tools. You will have good luck with yours.

    Jay Cutler Bay, FL
  • Keep up the great job.

    I have several ECHO tools a chainsaw CS-440 18" a CS-592 chainsaw 20" a ECHO ES-250 Shred N Vac leaf blower and last but not least of all a ECHO weed wacker. I use them all the time at my home in Utah and cabin in Island Park Idaho . They start and run without a single problem. Great product and a great company. Keep up the great job.

    Lloyd Home Depot Kaysville, UT
  • Really Impressed

    I am a home owner and some rental property owner,sometimes I do yard work when the landscapers fail.I am a proud owner of some echo products(I really mean it).You have use it to believe how reliable those machines are and tough with dust and water.I still have a chain saw which I bought more than 10 yrs ago-though it is working I bought a very popular brand of chain saw,that failed with in 3 months and I had lot of problems with that stupid brand.Then about 5 yrs ago I purchased a hedge cutter and the person who used said it is no good and it was left for a yard sale, it was covered with dust and getting exposed in a shed,recently I cleaned it up and just pulled the starter and to my surprise it started with one pull.This gave me an idea to try on a neglected leaf blower,which I will be doing in the near future.I am really impressed with ECHO products, that is why I am writing this taking my time to give a message to others who waste lot of moneyand time buying some useless products.

  • Some guys swear by Stihl, I'll take my Echo.

    I have been using Echo lawn equipment extensively for the last 7 to 8 years. You guys are awesome. Solid, durable and reliable equipment. Not too bad price wise either. Constantly improving there products without sacrificing product quality. Some guys swear by Stihl, I'll take my Echo. Keep up the good work!

    Steve Jersey Shore, PA
  • Thank You

    We have purchased Echo Products and supplies from our local Lawn and Garden supplier for over 20 years. We have always been satiesfied because they perform. Thank you Mitchell Sutherland

    MItchell Arlington, TX
  • Looking Forward To It

    Bought today refurbished from Home Depot. Although I haven't had a chance to really test it out, it feels like a high quality machine. Simple, easy start...one pull to break on choke and it fired on the next pull. Tuned right and responds instantly to throttle. Looking forward to many years of service.

    Brian Big Stone Gap, VA
  • You Will Not Be Disappointed

    I recently purchased a new set of echo producrs, its was the stick edger and trimmer. The difference between the other brands and this is like night and day, i couldn't believe i didn't use this product sooner. It has cut my work time in half. Im not really sure how els to say it but, that is is really worth the extra money it cost to have one, you will not be disappointed.

    Ismael Ishs lawn care inc Saint cloud , FL
  • Reliable and Quality Built

    Echo has been a reliable quality built product I have used and will continue to use in the future. I own a backpack blower that outperforms any other blower I've ever had and it cranks always on the second pull. The weed eater is a monster and handles anything I put it up against. Keep up the good work Echo.

    russell DOD chesapeake, VA
  • Great prices. Extremely reliable. I'll never buy Stihl products again

    I have used an echo srm-210 gas trimmer for at least 5 years. Never have I had any problems. Replaced the purge bulb this year. That's all I've ever replaced. New gas in the spring and it starts every time Bought a gas shrub trimmer last year and yesterday a PB-580T leaf blower. Guess you could say I'm an ECHO fan Great products. Great prices. Extremely reliable. I'll never buy Stihl products again

    Douglas parkesburg, PA
  • This is a Great Product

    I have purchased 4 Echo products in the last three years. The most recent is the Hedge Clipper attachment for my PAS-225L. I have the String trimmer and the edger attachments for this unit as well. I have a row of hedges that I always dread using the corded electric and manual hedge trimmers to maintain. This trimmer makes it so much safer and easy. I also have taller evergreen shrubs that I used to have to use a ladder to maintain. No longer, this is the tool to have. I then used my Echo back pack blower to clean up the cuttings, mulched and bagged them with my lawn tractor and was done in 1 1/2 hours! Saved at least 1 1/2 hours the old way. This is a great product. Customer service at Emerich Sales in Charlton, NY is always a challenge.

    Daniel Ballston Spa, NY
  • Never a Problem

    I own two echo equipment. A blower and grass trimmer. Both work great and would never consider any other brand of equipment. Never a problem with either one.

  • No Problems

    This was a new purchase to replace several other units (other manufacturers) which failed to start. No problems with starting or restarting while hot.

    Fred Chelmsford, MA
  • Wouldn't use anything else

    Just bought the black diamond line .095 and love it. It makes string trimming a breeze. Love it and would highly rec buying. I also run the crossfire as well and love both lines. Wouldn't use anything else.

    Steven SLS Landscaping Birdsboro, PA
  • I have complete confidence in this equipment

    I was fed up with the broad spectrum of parts failure to my home lawn equipment despite my meticulous maintenance practices . I asked the pros for a recommendation and ECHO was the universal answer. I bought the GT-225 Trimmer and the PB-250LN Blower at Home Depot and was astounded at the 5 yr warranty. The equipment started right up-no surprise. However, what I did not expect was the smoothness of their operation and the comfortable ergonomics. Your work is only as good as your tools and I have complete confidence in this equipment. I only wish ECHO made a push power mower.

    Jay Gulf Breeze, FL
  • ECHO Means Quality

    I have two blowers and one weed trimmer . ALL ECHO's. I had a few others but made inexpensively. The name Echo means quality built & reliable. You don't have to take my word just ask my neighbor Tom. After borrowing mine he went out and purchased the exact same blower & weed trimmer! Jeff

    Jeff Chicago, IL
  • I Love Echo Products!

    I love Echo Products! They are very high quality and get the job done well time and time again. The trimmer I owned previously lasted years and years and prompted me to update my equipment using only Echo products! Thanks for producing durable and easy to use tools!

    Ben Ponte Vedra, FL
  • They are Great!

    I recently purchased a handheld blower and trimmer. I have had a chance to use both and they are great! Very easy to start, easy to get used to the feel of them, and very good power. I have a half acre that is completely fenced with 8 trees. I have cut my trimming time in half. Highly recommend.

    Chris Dublin, OH
  • ECHO Brand Rarely Fails

    Over the past 9 years I’ve worked on both commercial and municipal landscape crews as a peon and a foreman. Few things are more frustrating than equipment failure; however in my experience Echo brand products rarely if ever have this issue. I’ve seen abuse ranging from questionable fuel mixtures to 4+ hours of stuck-on sidewalk debris removal at <2” in 110F conditions, and these units keep on rollin’ with no complaints. Kudos to the engineering team(s), they know their business.

    Grant Boise, ID
  • Best Consumer Product

    I have to say echo is the best consumer product in the market for its performance and it's warranty. and it's well reliability to get the job done and balance also it starts up easily and it has a lot of power. echo product is the best that I ever use. Thank You Echo

    steve Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Well Designed

    Purchased trimmer last year and Blower this year. Was tired of trying to start my lawn products from other brands. Am very pleased with the quality and performance of the Echo. Very well designed and instructions are simple to follow.

  • Pretty Much Maintenance Free

    I first purchased Echo Brand back in 2008 when my Sthil products were more trouble than the price was worth. I switched to the Echo Brand. I had talked around and felt like they were the best for my application.I use the Echo Blower, Weed Eater & Chain Saw. the price is reasonable and the product is dependable. Each cranks and runs great each time out, even the first time out in the spring. I just purchased a new Blower due to someone stole my older one. They or pretty much maintenance free.I highly recommend Echo Brand Products Terry Saltillo Ms

    Terry Home Owner Saltillo, MS
  • Top Notch Performers

    Over the years I have purchased several Echo products and have always found them to be top notch performers. Whether it be a chain saw, blower, or trimmer they all get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. And, with no mechanical problems. I can say that I have never had a mechanical problem with any of the Echo products I have purchased.

    John Turlock, CA
  • ECHO's Start Easier, Last Longer, and are More Reliable!

    For my trimmers,edgers, and blowers I run ECHO exclusively. I have purged all the other brands out. I have tried them all, but it's simple...ECHO's start easier, last longer, and are more reliable than anything out there. I use all 280 series powerheads: an SRM-280T trimmer, PE-280 edger, PAS-280 with a pro-torque trimmer head, bed redefiner, shear, power pruner, and edger attachment. I am very particular about running quality, especially throttle response and acceleration smoothness. The 280 family is simply the best running, smoothest accelerating, most responsive powerhead out there. I love the incredible power and smooth, precise lateral acceleration of this unit. and blowers, well, i have a the so-called 'strongest blower on the market' Redmax maxes and my PB-770T just kills it.. More power, more comfortable, more durable. My clients, like me, demand consistent perfection, that's why I run ECHO...simply the best. You can bet a lifetime of two-cycle repair and operation experience on that.

    BJ G. BJRB Landscape Cartersville, GA
  • Getting Rid of All My Other Brands!

    To the ECHO Company: I had to write you all to say how pleased I have been with ECHO's products.I have been a Mechanical and Design engineer for 3yrs and Master Automotive tech for 5 yrs so I am very demanding of my power equipment and can identify quality right out of the box. I currently own an SRM-266T and a HC-150 and they are outstanding products. I am in the process of getting rid of all my other brands of blowers, chain saws, blower/vacs etc. to switch to all ECHO products. I also must hold ECHO in the highest regard because you provide outstanding documentation for your products online. I have no worry if I can find a part number for a repair, it's all right there new or old. I have done hours of research on commercial level products and ECHO has left a mark on the commercial world for such. Take it from a critical engineer, these products last and work great.

    Caleb B. Knoxville, TN
  • ECHO Is My Brand From Now On!

    Dear Small Engine Wizards,

    I have owned various string trimmers and chainsaws for the last thirty years and have had limited success with any of them. In addition, I worked for the state of Texas, in various capacities, from prison guard to State Park Superintendent, for over twenty-six years and experienced a whole spectrum of various manufacturers of small engine equipment due to the contract and low-bid system of selecting which items of equipment could be purchased. Over all those years, I learned quite a bit of small engine maintenance and operation and prided myself on my ability to perform preventative maintenance and keep the equipment running, but still I remained unimpressed with the overall operation of the equipment I worked with and it seemed my services were always in demand for getting string trimmers and chainsaws started and keeping them running.

    That is until my brother-in-law started bragging on his ECHO chainsaw and weed trimmer. At first I was skeptical, since I had never had any experience with the ECHO line, mainly because the state of Texas only considers price when awarding contracts for equipment purchasing and secondly because I, like so many consumers, did the same thing when purchasing my personal equipment. Well, let me tell you, I was most pleasantly surprised when I purchased my first ECHO chainsaw (model# S130 ) in 2003 and then a string line trimmer a few years later.

    These two pieces of equipment have been the most reliable, easy to start and low maintenance tools I have ever had the pleasure of using. I had no idea there existed such a reliable machine as an ECHO small engine, I have used these tools for hours on end at a time, without any interruption other than to refill the gas and oil. There’s no telling how many man-hours myself or the state of Texas could have saved in maintenance due to breakdowns of the “cheap” brands, this is the result of what happens when price is the only consideration made in purchasing equipment, truly, this is a case of you get what you pay for, my only regret is I wish I had known about ECHO equipment sooner. ECHO is my brand from now on.

    You have my congratulations and gratitude for producing a quality line of outdoor equipment.

    Thank you for putting out a GREAT product! I am one satisfied customer.

    P.S. Since my original message, a huge (120 yr old, 32 in diameter) oak tree fell across my driveway, taking out the power supply line for my house. I just pruchased a CS-400 and it allowed me to clear the way in no time. Once again, thanks for making such a great product!

    Dennis W. Fairfield, TX
  • Don't like your products, I love them.

    I had a friend in the lawn maintenance business and he recommended ECHO. I purchased a weed eater, chainsaw and blower. That was 1979 and I still have them today and they run great. The blower is slow to start but so am I!. when they need to be replaced I will only buy ECHO. Thought you might want to hear from a very satisfied customer.


    Hank P. Maryville, TN
  • Makes Work Much Easier!

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I love your equipment. They have kept me going. You guys design great products that are very durable and I very much appreciate you for making work much easier and better for me.

    Thank you again,

    Bianca FL
  • Dependability, Durable, and Hard-working

    I am not only a huge ECHO fan, but exclusively use your products. I only use ECHO string trimmers, hedge trimmers and backpack blowers! Many of my colleagues also confidently use your products, I personally think highly of them. Dependability, durable and hard-working are synonymous with your products. I purchase all of my ECHO products at two local dealers: Emerich Sales and Service in Charlton, NY and Goyers Power Equipment in Troy, NY. Both dealers do a great job with sales and service!

    John Van Etten, PGMS President-Elect Hoffman Landscape & Design Albany, NY
  • Have Not Had a Single Moment of Downtime!

    I have in my fleet the following Echo units: a CS-370,a SRM-230,a SRM-280T, and a HC-150. It is so important that I have zero down time due to not only the number of clients I have but the perfection-level quality they expect. Down time is not an option. In the three years I have been using ECHO with my company, I have not had a single minute of downtime. Performance is awesome. The SRM-280T is unblieveable in its power, i run the .155 size line in it, and its cuts through just about anything. I also have products from ECHO's sister company, Shindaiwa, and they are also execeptionall well built, tough, dependable, powerful machines just like their ECHO counterparts. Both are far and above anything else out there. Especially Stihl. I also maintain a fleet for a large company in Atlanta that runs Stihl exclusively, and I have been able to get them to buy a few PB-770T blowers, and the cost of owning an ECHO vs a Stihl BR600 is over 75% less during the life cycle of the machine. I promise you will have less problems with ECHO versus any other brand.

    BJ Godfrey Riverbend Landscape Service Cartersville, GA
  • I Tell People to Buy the ECHO

    I had a husqvarna 125 B leaf blower and was nothing but trouble when brand new in 2008 the bolts came loose in the motor twice then the throttle cable broke and they had to put a whole new carb in it i got lucky this all happend under warranty. So then in spring of 2009 I went to Lang's outdoor power equip our local dealer in Marietta Ohio and bought the ECHO PB-251 and other than breaking a pull cord or two and getting carb adjusted a few times it has been no trouble at all. Then for christmas of 2010 I got the PB-250 and it has been a darn good blower the throttle cable broke had to put new carb on under warranty but other than that no trouble what so ever. Then in March 2012 my dad bought me for my 30th birthday a ECHO SRM-225 straight shaft weedeater this machine has been awsome really enjoy using this machine. Then on sat 6/9/12 I went and traded my Husqvarna at our local dealer i traded for a echo pb 2100 that they used as a rental they let me take it a few days before to try it out. the PB-2100 was made in oct 2000 have not had much chance to play with this blower yet i traded my husqvarna and $25 to get this echo PB-2100 the only thing i have that is not a ECHO brand is my mower it is a husqvarna 700L with Honda engine. A friend of mine has a ECHO straight shaft that is 15 to 20 yrs old and runs like a champ. I tell people to buy the ECHO brand because you get the five year warranty to where other brands only have two years on warranty.

    Matt E. Marietta, OH
  • Good Product!

    I do not know how many of your customers send you good news but I felt as if I should share this with someone that might see fit to pass this story on to the upper staff. I have many of your products including a weed trimmer that I have used very aggressively for 31 years. This story, however, is about one of my chainsaws that went through it and back. I traveled to my second home in southern Ohio about two months ago to work around my cabin. The task that weekend was to clear a few trees that had fallen across my trails to my deer stands. The weather was not fit to complete the work so a trip home in the rain followed. My saw in its case and other tools made the trip home in the back of my truck. The evening drive managed to get me home about midnight. The unloading of my tools was not the highest priority so they were off loaded quickly in the shed. Last weekend May 17, I was planning to finish the original tree removal so I gathered my tools and to my surprise my saw box seemed a bit heavy. After opening it I was infuriated with myself for what I found. The rain from the trip home two months before had blown in my saw box and filled it with three inches of water. My saw was moldy and in pretty rough shape. Here is the amazing part!!! I poured out the gas and oil and reworked the recoil spring. I primed it and after two pulls it fired and ran as good as new! This saw sat in three inches of water for two months. I have many of your products and feel confident that I will buy many more. It is human nature to complain but seldom do we hear about the good things. You make a good product keep up the good work!!! Just thought this might get to the right people.

    Jerry S. Findlay, OH
  • Has Not Caused Me Any Trouble - And a Trade!

    Dear ECHO, I am 30 years old and have a PB-251 Leaf Blower and it runs good. I have had the carb adjusted a few times  new spark plug and a fuel filter other than that it has been a trouble-free machine other than breaking a pull rope or two. Then I also have the PB-250 that I got for Christmas of 2010 and runs good. The throttle cable broke had to put in a new carb but no big deal because it was done under the warranty. I also have the SRM-225 weedeater and it also runs great. Got it as a birthday gift in March other than putting gas in it and running it the thing has not caused my any trouble at all. I had a Husqvarna 125B leaf blower I traded it for a PB-2100 from my local dealer that they used as a rental. They let me take it and try it before I traded. I ran the PB-2100 and it ran good, it was made in October 2000. I traded the Husqvarna blower and $25 for the ECHO PB-2100.

    Matt E. Marietta, OH
  • A New Generation of ECHO User

    Good afternoon. My name is Pedro and I recently bought my very own ECHO blower and weed wacker. Growing up, my father always used ECHO products, being that we were gardeners. The ECHO product is dependable, quality, and now I have become the new generation of ECHO users.I am commited to ECHO. Thank you.

    Pedro S. San Fernando, CA
  • Best Equipment I've Ever Purchased

    I just want to let you know how satisfied I am in your product. I have recently purchased a CS-400 chain saw, and now, an SRM-225 weed trimmer. They are, hands down, two of the best pieces of equipment I have ever purchased. I can honestly say that I will never turn away from ECHO. I just thought that I should share that with you. Thanks again!

    Matthew J. Pottsville, PA
  • Can't Wait to Buy Another ECHO

    Great customer service...Went above and beyond ,I can't wait to buy another product from ECHO

    Robert Chester, NY
  • Try One & You Will be Impressed!

    I've been working with ECHO blowers for over 29 years and you cannot get a better blower, period. They don't want to die. They're just built to last. Also, I would like to mention that we just bought are first ECHO chain saw CS-450P. So far, it's been a really good saw. It is a bit heavier than the competition, but I'm sure they will address that soon. ECHO has been great for my business. Try one and you will be impressed!

    Robert H. Waterbury, CT
  • Hands Down Best Trimmer!

    Hi. My name is Sean. I own a small landscaping company in Easton, PA. I'm writing this letter to tell you I started with my first ECHO 2 years ago - a SRM-225 hands down the best trimmer yet. Since then I have switched all my 2-stroke tools to ECHO so I have 3 SRM-225, 1 CS-400, 1 PB-500T and will be getting another one this fall. I also have a HC-150. All of them are great.

    Sean G., Landscaper Easton, PA
  • Long Time Fan


  • Thanks for the Care

    I have an ECHO SRM-225 weed eater that needed a new trimmer head installed. I could not figure out how to take the old head off-as it seemed to be free to spin and with nothing to grab on to remove. I went to Home Depot in Norwalk, CT and asked the Garden Department Manager Kevin if he could help me to install a new head that I purchased at Home Depot. After much visual discerning, Kevin went about going on-line for any responses to any related issues, and he found what was needed. He devoted his time to me and I could not have come off with a better result from a more courteous staff member. He replaced the head-even at a great taking of his work time, and my Weed Eater works perfectly. I could not have done that without his help. I am very grateful to Kevin and to Home Depot for taking care of their customers-in this case, me- and in their sales of their products which are reliable, useful, and worth the purchase. I just want to thank Kevin, and currently benefit from his care and concern.

    Joe Home Depot Norwalk, CT
  • Tim R.

    Hello, I am Tim Robinson owner operator of ROBINSON LAWN CARE.

    I had the choice of whatever  brand I wanted. I asked a lot of people what they thought about ECHO, most of the people I would ask didn't know anything about ECHO; All anybody would say is Stihl. So I decided to take a chance. WOW!!!! I made the right choice.  I know other people that have purchased other brands because of the name or because they were cheaper. I put quality first and now that I have been using ECHO for a couple of years now, I have no doubt when I walk out the door my equipment will run flawlessly all day everyday.

    Some of the other people using other brands are at the shop a lot and still try and tell me they have better equipment. I think that you all should advertise more.



    Tim Robinson Lawn Care
  • I Had the Choice

    Hello, I am Tim Robinson, owner/operator of Robinson Lawn Care.  I had the choice of whatever brand I wanted.  I ask a lot of people what they thought about ECHO, most of the people I would ask didn't know anything about ECHO.  All anybody would say is Stihl.  So I decided to take a chance.  WOW!!!  I made the right choice.  I know other people that have purchased other brands because of the name or cheaper.  I put quality first and now that I have been using ECHO for a couple of years I have no doubt when I walk out the door that my equipment will run flawlessly all day, every day.

    Some of the other people using other brands are at the shop a lot and still try and tell me they have better equipment.  I think that you all should advertise more.

    Tim Robinson Lawn Care
  • Starts Like Clockwork

    I believe I have begun my 6th year. I own 2.6 acres, of which 1.75 is bermuda lawn and some shade grass. I have a sidewalk, driveway, trees, street, etc. My GT-200 is still going, and I mow and trim about every three days. I take pride in my yard. The trimmer starts like clockwork. 3 pulls, 4 max. I was so sold on my ECHO that I have collected other products which I use regularly, with no problems. You get what you pay for. I have a CS-400 chainsaw, a blower, and my trimmer. If ECHO made a car, I would trust it too.

    Timothy P. Baxter Springs, KS
  • Every ECHO Product is Amazing!

    Every ECHO product I have used is amazing! We've got two trimmers, a 1998 SRM-2601 and a 1997 SRM-3100, both are still running strong. I love my PB-200's and my PB-250. Today at the church work day, I used a PB-500H, and boy was that fun to use! I plan to start cutting lawns in my neighborhood this year, and once I earn enough money, I'm going to buy a PB-500H.

    William M. Baton Rouge, LA
  • Still in the Family Since 1984!

    Dear ECHO. I write to thank you for the great equipment. My father has always used ECHO since he began landscaping back in '84. ECHO is still in our family. I have a question I hope can be answered tho.....why don't you make lawn mowers?

    Zach V. West Patterson, NJ

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