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Corporate Bulletins

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YAMABIKO Produces 60 Million Engines

Almost three and one-half years after the merger of the Kioritz/ECHO and Shindaiwa Companies into YAMABIKO Corporation, the company recently celebrated landmark engine production at its two primary Japanese factories.  

The Morioka facility (formerly Kioritz) produced its 50th million engine, while the Hiroshima facility (formerly Shindaiwa) produced its 10th million, bringing total production to 60 million engines.

The Kioritz Company, former parent of ECHO Incorporated, was formed in 1947 with a mission to increase food production post WWII with the development and manufacture of Japan’s first manually operated spraying equipment. Five years later, it moved into the development and production of two-stroke engine powered products such as trimmers and brushcutters.

The former Shindaiwa Company was formed in 1952, focusing on the production of electric chain saws and circular saws, and industrial machines using electronic control technology such as generators and welders. In 1975 it entered the two-stroke engine market.

Both companies have more than 50 years of experience in the professional outdoor power equipment machinery market. With the technical knowledge and experience from Kioritz, ECHO, and Shindaiwa, the YAMABIKO merger created a solid corporate foundation which provides millions of 2-stroke engine products sold worldwide through authorized dealers.

ECHO Incorporated, in Lake Zurich, IL, is a subsidiary of YAMABIKO and serves not only as a distribution center for ECHO and Shindaiwa products in the Americas, but also is the largest assembly plant within the YAMABIKO group.

A ceremony commemorating the engine production milestone was held at the Morioka Division in Japan with guests including the Vice-Governor of Iwate Prefecture and the Mayor of Takizawamura.

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