ECHO Launches New Articulating Shafted Hedge Trimmer

Chicago, IL (8/28/2017) -

Echo has redefined the standard for professional shafted hedge trimmers with the new ProXtreme Series HCA-2620.HCA-2620

The HCA-2620 comes as a replacement for the HCA-266 with class leading power, advanced powerhead features, lighter weight, improved gear case design and superior three-sided cutting teeth.

With 17% more power than ECHO’s previous model and 12% more power than the leading competitor, the HCA-2620 becomes the best-in-class shafted hedge trimmer. The ECHO’s pleated paper filter design has the largest surface area of available models. With an added foam pre-filter, the HCA-2620 will keep out larger debris as well as extend filter maintenance. The 20.06 oz. fuel tank is over 20 percent larger than its predecessor and 1.4 pounds lighter.

Joe Fahey, Vice President of Product Planning, said, “We are excited to offer yet another model in the 2620 ProXtreme Series.  The ECHO brand has always been the leader in durable products for professional users and now the commercial market is quickly learning about the superior performance of our new engine.  This, combined with multiple enhancements, will provide unmatched performance our customers deserve.”

A brand new gear case has implemented many positive features including a 4.6:1 ratio providing higher torque to give superior cutting performance. The magnesium housing delivers reduced weight while the aluminum support bar offers more stability. The Zerk fitting allows the professional user to easily service the gear box for longer life. In addition, the HCA-2620 integrates cutting teeth with three sharp sides for greater cutting performance. The professional-grade construction of the gear case round out an overall superior new machine.

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