The ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf Chain Saw has officially been tested and given theHandyman Seal of Approval!

The ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf Chain Saw has officially been tested and given theHandyman Seal of Approval!

The final results are a 100% approval rating and a member rating of 9.8! What was the best feature? Performance!

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If you don't have one of these saws in your truck's tool box, I highly recommend that you get one. It is reliable and dependable. There is nothing worse than being outside cutting your firewood and having a saw that won't run.

Bruce Luzerne, MI

This is a nice, powerful saw. I have used it to cut down pine, maple and some oaks. It gets the job done everytime and the blade comes razor sharp and stays sharp. Overall, it was a great buy and it could beat out competing saws at the same price. I truly recommend it.

Bubba New Carlisle, OH

The ECHO CS-590 is the best chain saw I have ever used, it looks great, and works great for any home improvement job.

Caleb V. Bainridge, IN

I was very impressed at how easy this saw started and how much power it had when the 18" bar was completely loaded with wood. I could not put it through enough wood to bog it down. It would be nice if it came with a little larger bar as most people that I would think of buying a saw this size for this much money would want to be able to cut larger wood without having to deal with double cuts. Only issue I saw was the inability to adjust the carburetor fully, it ran a little lean with the adjustments as far rich as they would go which could lead to it burning up faster than it should.

Chad H. Baker City, OR

I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to chainsaw use, but I had no problem with this one right out of the box. It was very easy to use and cut right through every tree I used it on. I even decided to make a little bench to sit on around the fire. Great product!

Christopher L. Beaver Dam, WI

I purchased a five acre wooded lot and needed to clear almost an acre of oak and maple trees to build a new house. I had two Stihl saws but they were pretty old and due to the number of people helping, I decided to get a new saw. I was told that ECHO chain saws were professional grade, so I bought one.Within a month, we had cut down a countless number of trees. Many were 150 year oaks, based on counting rings, that were 30-33 inches in diameter. I ended up with 23 chords of wood. I never had a problem with the ECHO. My two Stihls, however, each ended up in the repair once. I highly recommend ECHO. It was heavily used for an entire month, without issue.

Dan Waukesha, WI

This is a great saw! It runs great and starts easy. I have run it for a full day cutting mesquite and oak all day long. A great saw, looks good and the 18-inch bar is really nice. I will say that it would be nice to have a case that was included for the price of the saw.

Daniel D. Heartland, TX

I purchased this CS-590 from my local Home Depot to clear out some timber in my mother's backyard and, although I can't claim to be a chain saw connoisseur, I can say that I was pleasantly shocked at the power of this ruggedly designed unit. At first, I thought it seemed a little pricey for a saw, but between it's extremely solid perfomance and the 5 year warranty I would definitely recommend buying an ECHO.

David Olathe, KS

The ECHO CS-590 performed excellent. Honestly one of the best chainsaws I have used. I was impressed with its power and ease of use. It started easily and cut through logs without bogging down. I highly recommend the ECHO CS-590 chainsaw. Here a a link to a video of it in action. Echo CS 590 Video

Eric F. Yreka, CA

I own two other chainsaws. They are both Stihl saws. The ECHO CS-590 that I tested was used all day clearing fence rows and it performed as good as the Stihl saws that I own. Starting it was a breeze with the decompression button pushed. It was a little heavy cutting the small stuff for long periods of time but this saw is powerful and is suited for bigger diameter trees. I then used it to cut a few logs into firewood lengths. This is where it shined. It had no trouble slicing thru 15" diameter logs. Fuel usage was on par with other saws that I've used. Tightening the chain was easy. I wouldn't trade my Stihl saws but I wouldn't get rid of this saw either. It is well built and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

Eric R. Joy, IL

I own several chain saws including two Homelite saws, one Poulin and three electric saws. I had the opportunity to use my father-in-law's ECHO chain saw to clear his six acre property on the side of a mountain in TN. This saw performed better than any of my other saws. It cuts smoothly and never failed to start. I will be recommending this saw to my friends and family. I will be purchasing ECHO brand equipment from now on.

Gerald Centreville, AL

This is the best chainsaw I've ever used. It cuts any kind of wood smoothly and with great performance. There is never any kickback because of how easily and smoothly this chainsaw cuts.

Jack Westwood, NJ

There was recently a hurricane that passed through and I did a lot of work with this saw. It was used as a climbing saw and performed great in the tree and on the ground. Definitely got the money's worth out of this saw.

Jake Farmingdale, NY

I have many older Homelite saws from the 80's when Homelite made good saws. They are still running great, but I wanted to upgrade to a newer saw. The CS-590 saw has power and cuts through anything. The decompression valve also allows for easy starting and is very dependable.

Jan South Haven, MN

This is a very well-built powerful saw, yet it is lightweight and comfortable to use. I cut 15-20 cords of firewood each year and feel that this saw will be up to the task. This saw should also be considered by professional loggers; it feels well-built and should stand up to heavy use.

Jeffrey S. Colby, WI

This saw outperformed my Stihl in almost every way. There is more than enough power for anything you could want to do with this saw. I buried the 18" blade several times in hard wood and it never bogged down. It is too heavy for limbing, but is an excellent saw for felling and bucking. There is a decompression button but I found that it starts very easy even without it, maybe when it gets older it will be more useful though.

Joseph C.M. Ravenna, MI

I own one other chain saw, a Poulan Wild thing, and this ECHO CS-590 puts it to shame. As soon as I received it I had to try it out. There was little assembly required. It's starts with ease one pull and it fired right off. I cut a whole pile of lumber with it with no problems at all. This has to be one of the best chain saws out there.

Joseph W. Winona, MN

 I really don't know where to start about the ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf with 18" bar. The chainsaw is great. What a work horse it is. The 18" bar is great for doing the smaller trees that I usually cut. My son had some trees that he cut done before I received this chainsaw so we cut up the rest of the tree. When I received the saw it started on the second pull well the saw hasn't been started since. I prep the saw to start, pulled the choke, pushed the decompression devise and it didn't disappoint me at all second pull it started right up. I have had two other chainsaws to compare the ECHO with which are a Homelite and Sears. Both of them have a 16" bar and they would have cut through the trees that we cut but I believe they are no comparison to the ECHO.I let my son cut with the saw and he just couldn't believe the power for that size of the chainsaw. He was also impressed with how it cut. We put the chainsaw to the test when he cut the rest of the stump down. The stump was about 20" at the widest and just 18" at the smallest part of the stump. I could just see the tip of the bar. The saw cut through the stump like butter. It didn't bog down at all. And then we took the stump and cut from the top down. Cut the stump into four more pieces.The only problem that I had with the saw was the when I went to throttle up I could feel a little click with the trigger like it wanted to catch on something. Haven't had a chance to look at it yet but really wasn't a problem. At least the trigger didn't want to stick open. I will give the ECHO a 5 star for the chainsaw. It starts and runs great and good quality put into the chainsaw. I believe it is worth the money to buy. The next time I need to buy something I will look at the ECHO brands and see what they have.

Larry S. Bryan, OH

I have used this saw before while dropping and hauling away trees. We had three different saws there, a Husqvarna with a 20" farm boss bar, a Stihl with an 20" bar, and this ECHO. All three ran as long as we needed them to. I was very impressed.

Matthew Harrisburg, PA

This chain saw has A LOT of power; it started right up and kept running when it was on it's side and pointed straight up. Cut a lot of logs with a buddy and this chain saw went through bigger logs faster than his Stihl. He wanted to trade and I had to tell him no way. This is a great saw with plenty of power. The only thing I wish it came with is a case and bar oil but that is just nitpicking. I would highly recommend this saw above the other makers.

Michael K. Westland, MI

This is a nice saw for the average homeowner. It is not up to the level of a nice Stihl, but for normal use this one works very well. It is also easy to start, which is a plus.

Paul Olathe, KS

The ECHO saw is a great tool. I have used it many times and it runs great and has a strong engine. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new saw or any other ECHO product. They all are quality built!

Paula Shafer, MN

The ECHO saw is a fantastic tool. I have used it many times and it runs great. The strong engine has no problem even in tough hardwood. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new saw.

Tim Albemarle, NC

Great little saw. Has plenty of power and cuts right through 8-10" trees without any problem. Usually starts on the first or second pull and doesn't seem to have a whole lot of vibration. I really recommend this to anyone who needs and dependable and easy to use chain saw.

Wayne Winnabow, NC

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