The ECHO ES-250 Shred ‘N’ Vac® has officially been tested and recommended by theNational Home Gardening Club!

The ECHO ES-250 Shred ‘N’ Vac® has officially been tested and recommended by theNational Home Gardening Club!

The final results are a 100% approval rating and a member rating of 9.2!

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Easy to use and well made product.

Donna R. Amsterdam, NY

The Shred N Vac was easy to put together, the instructions were easy to understand, the steps to change from a blower to a shredder were easy and quick.  I could blow the leaves in the drive way out of the rocks and then switch to the Vac/mulcher and mulch the leaves.  The attached bagger was easy to handle and light weight, the best part was the amount of reduction in the dust from mulching compared to other leaf mulchers I have used.  The blower has excellent blowing power.  Best of all, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

Theresa G. Bluford, IL

This is a great Shred N Vac. I am a small woman and it was easy for me to assemble and use. The motor is strong enough to shred leaves well and the blower is very powerful.

Marlene M. Ottawa, IL

For the average homeowner I am not sure you can buy a better Shred & Vac. The unit is not at all heavy - I initially thought that having a gas powered machine would be more cumbersome with the extra weight from the gas, but it is quite manageable. I especially love the ability to go to the far ends of my property to clean up debris in areas that would otherwise need to be raked, put into a wheelbarrow, and carted away. Now in one step, I can vacuum debris, have it shredded, and put it right into my compost pile.

Kathy S. Methuen, MA

I received the ECHO ES-250 Shred N Vac a few days before we were hit with a storm that left our yard with 12 down or damaged trees.  This item was so helpful in the cleanup.  It was amazing.

Joanne S. Charlottesville, VA

Assembly with no tools, converts from blower to shed and vac easily, light weight, easy to handle.

Janet S. Erie, MI

I love the convenience of doing all of my lawn clean-up and the vacuming up of the leaves and trimmings. I used to dis-like doing the pruning of our hedges because of clean-up. Now it is so easy with the ECHO ES-250 plus you can turn all your clippings into mulch.

Terri D. Concord, CA

I did like the product, as it has many uses.  It cannot pick up as large of items as some may like.  It will pretty much pick up grasses, and leaves.  I did not have as much luck with sticks, or clippings from my lilac bushes.  Although, I was a bit nervous to try and pick up big things, as that is not really what it is for.  For me it was great for when we weed-eat our creek area.  We rake the grass out of the water and let it sit on the banks to dry.  This tool was perfect for going back after it dried to pick it up.  I think it will be great for leaves in the fall, especially leaves in hard to rake areas.

Amy G. Kalispell, MT

The tool is easy to put together and use.  It would be nice to have a shoulder strap for longer use.  I have a large yard with quite a few areas where the leaves seem to gather.  The Shred N Vac gets heavy to carry after about 20 minutes of use. At least for a female user.

Kathleen M. Howard City, MI

I am a left-handed female and I had no problems working with this tool.  I was afraid that being left-handed would make it harder (some of these devices will suck my clothing up against the fan!) but the cage was great and I had no problem with that.

Sherri R. Aberdeen, WA

The ECHO was great at blowing and mulching all my leaves.  It made cleaning the yard so much easier.

Deborah P. Bennington, NH

I recommend this product because it works like it says it does; it sucks up the dry leaves and chops them. I think I'd like the bag to be larger to get more leaves up before dumping them.

Rebecca W. Pequot Lakes, MN

I loved this product. It was great for vacuuming the leaves around my garden plants without the damage a rake would have caused.

Chris D. Marshville, NC

What a wonderful product. I loved the versatility. Wasn't too heavy. Was easy to use and made short work of what was normally a physically exhausting job. The shredder worked better than I expected and the vac made it easy to transfer all the clippings to my compost heap. Thank you so much for the opportunity to test the ECHO ES-250. The shreddr/vac will be one of the most used tools in my garden!!

Kyndall I. Quincy, FL

Very easy to use. Changing from vacuum to shredder can be a bit of a hassle. Overall it is very versatile and efficient. Would recommend.

Donald B. Berea, KY

The product was easy to use and has more than just 1 available use about it!

Martha R. Ingraham, IL

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