The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer has officially been tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club!

The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer has officially been tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club!

The final results are a 100% approval rating and a member rating of 9.8! What was the best feature? Performance!

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Even though this model is one of the cheaper models, it does great for the price. After having tested this product I will be looking forward to buying other ECHO products. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and would happily pay for a top of the line model if that is what I need to get the job done. I don't expect top of the line performance that a higher model weed-eater would provide for the price of a lower model. This one does the job it is intended and built to do with ease and cranks very easily with one pull every time when it is warmed up and within two or three pulls cold. I love it and highly recommend it.

Adam S. Blackshear, GA

As a novice with gas engine trimmers, it took me a while to understand how to attach the trimmer to the end of the shaft, since the pictures in the instruction manual weren't clear. But after I was able to complete the attachment, the trimmer was lightweight and extremely easy to use. When the gardener came during my test, I asked him for his professional opinion. He thought the ECHO GT-225 was very good.

Barry S. El Monte, CA

Great little trimmer with a great design. Does wonders for everyday trimming. Lightweight enough for my wife to use. I would highly recommend this trimmer for anyone who wants something lightweight with enough power to get the job done.

Blake B. Sneads Ferry, NC

I have had my unit, the GT-225, for 2 years. It is light weight & powerful. The shaft is long enough that I don't have to bend over like I had to with my old trimmer, causing a stiff back. It also starts on 1 or 2 pulls every time I use it. The head uses precut line, and all you have to do is push the pieces in. I should have gotten one sooner.

Bryan Lockport, NY

Boy this baby really hums! It has low vibration and is very quiet! It's very easy to start once you get it primed. I REALLY like the easy load head!!! It's a vast improvement over the old style "tap and feed" heads of years past. You can reload the line in a matter of seconds!!!! (I always hated those old heads you had to load with 20 ft. of line and then beat on the ground to get it to feed). There are only two things I would change about it: 1) I would make the shaft 6-8 in longer for taller people. I have to haunch over a little to get it near the ground (but I'm 6'5" so I'm sure I'm not in the average height catagory). 2) The trimmer line that came with it is a little light weight. I plan on getting some heavier stuff or getting the accessory head that holds the "blades" for weeds. The lightweight line is probably just fine for grass, but if you're going to attack anything heavier, you're going to have to upgrade. If you look at the last two photos in my review, you can see it had no problem with the dry grass. When I got to the dry weeds the line didn't hold up. This baby has plenty of power though, so with some heavier line or the "weed" blades, I'm sure it will cook right through the weeds as well.

Chad S. Manzanola, CO

The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer is great. It is easy to use and started on the second or third pull after I took it out of the box. The Rapid-Loader head is nice and easy to use, but with a large yard I had to keep changing the line, making it a pain.

Charles E. Virginia Beach, VA

I've used the ECHO GT-225 multiple times. Very easy to assemble. I liked the ease of changing the twine. I've always used straight shaft trimmers and originally thought that I wouldn't like this one, but after multiple uses it's not that bad. Came with the 2 cycle oil, all required tools and some safety glasses. The motor was powerful enough to cut anything I needed and worked flawlessly for me. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, great quality curved shaft trimmer.

Chris B. Monroe, NC

What else can I say that hasn't been said about this trimmer? Quality is outstanding, and it holds up to lots of abuse. If I had anything to say that wasn't totally positive, it would only be that I like the straight trimmer better.

Clint Gunnison, UT

Easiest starting trimmer I have ever used, which I really like; no struggling with the starting. It is very lightweight, but surprisingly powerful. Easy string loading, no more winding string on a spool. Love the missing bump head, don't have to worry about the head jamming up and not feeding. The only thing I feel could be improved is that the string doesn't last very long. I would design a new string that was more durable.

Craig W. Higbee, MO

It took less than 10 minutes from the time I opened the box until I had it cutting grass. Three pulls on the cold start setting and one on run. The pull start is light enough for my wife and kids to get it running.

Darrell S. Jackson, TN

Very happy with this entry level weedeater. My backyard has many nooks and things to trim around. I found it very easy to start and use. However, I am partial to a bump feed head. I did not like to stop and change cutting string. As you trim the string gets shorter and does not perform to my liking. I prefer to have full length trimming string at all times. I will add bump feed head and am sure I will be happy for years to come. Nice look, nice power and easy to use.

David C. Oklahoma City, OK

The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Grass Trimmer is the best grass trimmer I have used. My past grass trimmers all had straight shafts and I had to work harder to use them. I like the curved shaft design because it is easier to operate and my back doesn't hurt afterwards. Another feature I like is the ECHO Rapid-Loader trimmer head. Replacing the precut Cross Fire trimmer line is quick and easy. There is no winding, tangles or line stuck inside the trimmer head.

David M. Lakeland, FL

It a wonderful trimmer that is easy to start, powerful and lightweight. I bought this trimmer for my wife. She loves doing yard work but doesn't have the upper body strength to start a normal 2 stroke trimmer and lug a heavy trimmer around for an extended period of time. We had a rechargeable model but kept running out of battery power halfway through the job, and another battery almost cost as much as the trimmer itself. With this trimmer she can get the job done without waiting someone to start it or add string. Great little trimmer.

Dustin Cooperstown, ND

This trimmer works great, but I thought it was a little pricey. But I guess you get what you pay for; ECHO is one of the best lawn equipment companies.

Dylan Port Saint Lucie, FL

After our old weedwacker broke down, we decided to get a new one. We were not disappointed at all with this purchase. It has a lot of power to get through the thicker weeds and is lighter than our old one.

Harry Oakwood Hills, IL

I help out with a local landscaping company and they have a couple of these. Very lightweight, and it surprisingly has quite a bit of power. I wasn't too sure about the curved shaft, but it doesn't hurt the reach at all.

James Morganton, NC

After taking the GT-225 trimmer out of the box and filling it with gas/oil, I cranked it for the first time. It was so easy to crank that even my wife loved using this weed eater.

Jeffrey Gainesville, GA

This product is a must have if you want a great-looking yard. Easy start up and pretty much ready to go out of the box. As soon as my brother-in-law saw how great mine was, he went and bought one of his own!

Jeremy T. Baytown, TX

I was very lucky to get the ECHO GT-225 to try out and it could not have come at a better time. I was in the process of trying to find a new trimmer when I got this one. It worked like a charm and I will not go back to an electric trimmer. It was so nice to not have to mess with electrical cords, and instead just pull a string to start it. They did an awesome job in designing this trimmer and I definitely look forward to using it for years to come. It worked like a champ. Definitely a good value.

John E. Snyder, TX

It was a pleasure to be able to test this product. Thanks to the I-30 starting technology, this was a dream to start! The curved shaft was not a hindrance, in fact, if was very comfortable to use. The Rapid-Loader two line head is extremely easy to change line in. In a literal matter of seconds, two new lines can be inserted. I would, however, recommend changing the line to at least a .095 thickness. The trimmer ships with .080 trimmer lines which seems to need to be replaced frequently. Once the line hits anything much larger than a blade of grass or weed, it breaks. The thicker line seems to remedy this problem easily. This is a "professional" grade trimmer at an entry level price. I would not hesitate to recommend the ECHO GT-225 Trimmer to a friend! Thanks ECHO for another great product!

Johnny G. Weston, WV

This product worked very well. I used it on a large trimming job and had no problems with it. It started right up and didn't stop until the job was complete.

Jordan Shelbina, MO

The GT-225 is a nice little machine that runs well. I would rather have a straight shaft, but hey, for what it does it's a great tool to have around. It's very good at getting into some places, very low maitnance and works very well all around. I recommend it to anyone.

Joseph Charleston, WV

I have this model and love it. Thanks to the long curved shaft, it's easy on the back. Only gets four stars though because I have yet to find a string feed that is easy to change out. (And yes, string is the best for weekly, normal, trimming.)

Kevin Cuyahoga Falls, OH

At first I didn't think I would like the curved shaft on this trimmer because I'm six-foot-three and all of the other curved trimmers I've had hurt my back being bent over all the time. But with ECHO's 48" curved shaft, I wasn't bent over. My wife was also able to use the trimmer because it was lightweight!! I would recommend the ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer; it gives you a great lawn with a professional look. It has the strong performance you need with it's 21.2 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine. Like I said, it's lightweight and has a great user comfort. Another big plus for me is that there is no more winding of the trimmer head and having it spring on you. Just push your precut line into the holes of the rapid loader fixed line head, and that's a big time saver. It's a five-star trimmer all day long. A big thanks to ECHO on the job they did on this trimmer.

Mark K. Lockhart, SC

I received the GT-225 yesterday and used it today for some early season trimming and edging. It is lightweight, easy starting and has very durable trimmer string. My wife really likes the lighter weight and not having to advance trimmer line.

Michael C. Altus, OK

It was great!! My husband had it put together and running in 10 minutes. The cutting line could have been a little more durable. Other than that I believe this is a great product.

Michelle R. Jackson, TN

The GT-225 is a very nice trimmer. It starts easily and is well-balanced enough not to fatigue. If it was a straight shaft trimmer, it would earn 5 stars since other trimmers in this price range are straight shafts.

Mike F. Newport, NC

Wow, what a nice trimmer; it is light and starts in 2 pulls on the cold days. It runs great for the price. Low vibration and very quiet! I REALLY like the easy load head and do not have to mess with the rewinding the old heads. It is nice.

Norman E. Rivesville, WV

This trimmer is one of the best we have ever used, and we will continue to purchase ECHO products! It is so lightweight and easy to start that my 15-year-old daughter can use it. I like the size and the ease of changing the strings.

Paula Shafer, MN

The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer is overall a good trimmer. The ECHO GT-225 is a lightweight and easy to use trimmer. It has a powerful 21.2 cc motor. I have used this to trim the ditch in front of my house with relative ease. Weeding is a breeze with the ECHO GT-225.

Ray C. Monroe, NC

I am proud to say that ECHO has come a long way in a short time. I have owned ECHO products in the past and was not impressed by the quality of the products, but I have to say that ECHO has made me a believer with the ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer. I would recommend this product to everyone and challenge them to put it up against anything out there.

Raymond C. Candler, NC

Would like thank Stuff & Stuff for fast shipping; it only took about 4 days to receive it. I opened the box and had it put together, filled with gas mix, and out the door in about 15 minutes. I started to string trim and ran it for about 45 minutes. Afterwards, the trimmer still had about 3/4 tank of fuel left. Very little vibration and smooth running.

Reid P. Sumterville, FL

I love this trimmer. It's lightweight,very durable and has a good-sized gas tank so you can get quite a bit done. I am over 6 feet tall, and it's hard to find a trimmer that I can use without having to lean over. This trimmer is great for a tall person to use. You will not be disappointed with the ECHO GT-225 trimmer. There were only two things I had a problem with: one was that the handle moved around while I was cutting my grass, but to solve this all you have to do is get a pair of pliers and tighten it down. The other problem was that the bit they give you to assemble the cutting base was too hard to tighten down. All I had to do was get my ratchet set with a 9/16 bit, and after that I had no problem at all. So if you're looking for a good and reliable trimmer, the ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer is a great item to have.

Richard W. New Caney, TX

This is a very powerful and well-built weed eater, and it is very easy to start. Trimming my grass was easy with the curved shaft, and I had no back pain. The ECHO GT-225 is easy to use and fulfills all of my trimming needs: I have 5 acres and keep 2 acres maintained. I would recommend the ECHO GT-225 to anyone. Very high quality weed eater.

Robert M. Fulton, MO

This is an awesome product. Another example of ECHO's ability to produce quality products at resonable prices. The trimmer started after only 4 pulls right out of the box. Also very lightweight and easy to operate!!!!

Robert S. Stoutland, MO

I would recommend this product to homeowners. The engine is superior and I just love the way it feels. My dad owns a lawn care business and he has a couple of ECHO Trimmers. When this one arrived, I had to say ECHO has stepped their game up.

Rory P. Chipley, FL

This trimmer is one of the best I have ever used. It is so lightweight and easy to start. I like the size and the ease of changing the strings. I love the simplicity of the trimmer. Within 10 minutes of having it delivered to my doorstep, I was outside trimming my lawn. Does not get any easier than that.

Scott D. Brownsboro, TX

I threw my back out prior to testing this, so I was really worried that throwing this around for a couple of hours knocking down weeds would really mess with my back and cause more pain. WOW was I wrong, this trimmer is a joy to use. It is so balanced and lightweight that using it was actually fun. The ease of starting is amazing, first pull every time, and the power it produces is awesome. It took on and defeated the weeds and small brush with no issue, you could almost hear the motor saying, "bring it on, give me more." And the quick-change cutters are a huge plus.

Scott K. Tuscon, AZ

I received this product as a gift recently and so far it has started every time. It uses regular, unleaded fuel. It does have a short line life, but you can cut your own to fit, which saves time and money.

Stacy Waycross, GA

I loved that it was easy to start. Cut the grass great, even the knee-high stuff, without getting tangled. Only thing I would change is to have the strait shaft instead of curved, but I guess that all comes to personal preference. Other than that it seemed to go through line fast, but a thicker line should fix that in the future. Overall great product!

Stephanie H. Juliette, GA

I have been using this trimmer for almost a week now (even using it on the neighbor's yards to test), and I am more than satisfied with it. I was a little timid with a curved-shaft trimmer being over 6' tall, but the 48" length of the shaft made it quite easy to use. Also, its light weight makes it comfortable to use for a long time without fatigue. In the past, with other gas-powered trimmers, my arms felt like 'shaking jello' after using a trimmer for about 30 minutes. Out of the box, the trimmer was simple to set up and use. Directions for start-up were quite clear and concise. The only drawback, but not worth taking a rating star away, was that the line goes pretty quick. But that may be an initial 'break-in' setback, seeing as how I am still getting used to it. Definitely will buy one for the in-laws!

Steve A. Merriam, KS

Have owned previous ECHO trimmers. They are great. Just passed my old model on to my son-in-law, 10 years old and still works great. Easy start is great for my wife and daughter.

Tim Smithsburg, MD

I have used several gas trimmers. The ECHO GT-225 is one of the best I've used. It is lightweight, easy to start and easy on the back. Plenty of power with the 21.2 cc engine.

Tom B. Russell, KS

Second time using this ECHO Trimmer and it continued to do a great job. The Rapid-Loader Head was awesome and the power was great. I only had one occasion when I needed a straight shaft trimmer. So far I can't think of anything negative to say about the GT-225.

Tony O. Macon, GA

I just purchased a weed eater, the GT-225, and am now a proud owner. We have a small yard and it works great. I've only used it a couple times, but so far it has worked amazingly!

Wayne Moyock, NC

The trimmer is a very good one for any gardener. It's light weight so that anyone can use it. It is very easy to start up and very easy to use. I like the design of the curved shaft and the overall link of the trimmer. The only thing that I dislike is that the trimmer's line doesn't last very long. You can go through a lot of it very fast. Overall, I think this trimmer is very good and would recommend it to someone looking for a very nice, lightweight trimmer to use around the home and in the garden.

Will E. Anderson, SC

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