ECHO makes powerful tools that inspire the extraordinary work happening all around us - from the remote wilderness, urban jungles, in national parks, at natural disasters areas or sixty feet up in the canopy. These are more than just a casual user; these are the everyday ECHO pro heroes who are passionate and dedicated to their work. But what do they do when they are not doing their job they love? We heard their unique stories and want it to share with you.

Made In America

When Ruben Diaz Sr. immigrated from Durango, Mexico in the 1970s, he was seeking a new life. Not because he wanted to leave Mexico behind, but because he knew he could do more in the United States by providing better opportunities for his family. From humble beginnings doing landscaping in Chicago with his own brothers, Ruben Sr. broke off and founded the Diaz Group as a business with his sons. Today, his eldest, Rafael, leads the business. By embracing their family culture, they not only achieved Ruben’s original goal, but spread that love to their employees and helped improve the look and popular opinion of their neighborhood. Ruben's story is truly one that was Made in America.

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Climbing To The Top

Being an arborist is already an interesting job. Being a high-flying, chainsaw-wielding, rope-swinging, fast-talking, tree-beautifying female boss with the goal to never cut down trees is what makes Alisha Amundson a bit more interesting than most. She is different – in a good way – and that’s what makes her story so compelling.

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