Red Armor® Blade Cleaner & Lubricant

Bio-based blade cleaner & lubricant for hand and power tool blades


ECHO's Red Armor® Blade Cleaner & Lubricant (4550012) is a bio-based universal blade solution for professional users. Our exclusive formula contains tacky lubricants to dissolve resins and sap that accumulate along the blade which hinder performance to allow the blades to keep moving smoothly. 

Using Red Armor® Blade Cleaner & Lubricant daily helps to reduce blade drag and inhibits corrosion while promoting plant health after trimming. It's bio-based formula means there are no harmful chemicals which can burn or brown plant life, leaving you a well manicured outdoor space.

By using Red Armor® Blade Cleaner & Lubricant you help to reduce repair costs and downtime because your  equipment is using the best-in-class solutions to keep it clean and protected. Move to a standard where Performance Above All, will take your equipment performance to new heights.
  • Ideal for professionals and homeowners
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Dissolves tough resin & sap, while aiding in rust removal
  • Lubricates blades for optimal movement & operation
  • Bio-based formula promotes plant health
  • Reduces blade wear and drag; improving performance
  • Can be used daily to maintain optimal blade function
  • Contains no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds); environmentally friendly

Universal applications include:


Hand Tools: Pruners/Shears/Loppers/Axes

Power Tools: Hedge Trimmer Blades/Brushcutter Blades/Circular Saw Blades and More!


Volume 12 oz. Color Red
Package Bottle Universal Applications Pruner, Shears, Loppers, Axes Brushcutter Blades, Hedge Trimmer Blades, Saw Blades, Etc.
Enviromental Safety Biodegradable and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Free Fights Corrosion and Sap & Resin


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