Red Armor® Fuel Treatment

Alcohol free fuel stabilizer to offer better protection against ethanol & corrosion


Don't just use any fuel treatment, use the right fuel treatment. Knowing what's in your fuel treatment matters. ECHO knows engines and that's why Red Armor® Fuel Treatment was extensively tested and formulated with just the right mix of detergents, anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors without the use of alcohol based solvents to provide superior protection, corrosion prevention and fuel stabilization.

Red Armor® Fuel Treatment is a formula rich with anti-oxidants to deliver up to 2 years of fuel stabilization, nitrogen-based detergents for optimum cleaning ability and corrosion inhibitors to protect the overall fuel system. Why is Red Armor® Fuel Treatment being alcohol free such a big deal? Well, let's start here. Ethanol is a form of alcohol which attracts moisture and accelerates corrosion. It also triggers gum & varnish to form along fuel lines and in the carburetor. Other brands of fuel stabilizers contain alcohol. This combination of ethanol and added alcohol compound fuel system issues and degradation of unit performance.

Feed your Fuel what it really wants

Red Armor® Fuel Treatment is an ideal solution for day to day or long term needs for all your outdoor power equipment including: 2-stroke, 4-stroke, mix-lubricated engines and EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engines. It's one of the only fuel treatments on the market today that has been 3rd party tested for oxidation stability, cleaning ability and corrosion prevention.
  • Ideal for day to day use or long-term storage/winterization
  • Treatment ratio: .5 oz. treats 1.25 gallons of fresh gasoline
  • Great for all outdoor power equipment, small to large
  • NACE "A" rated, highest rating for corrosion protection
  • Alcohol free to fight water absorption and corrosion better
  • Corrosion inhibitors protect the fuel system & carburetor
  • Anti-oxidant fuel stabilizers keep fuel fresh up to 2 years
  • Nitrogen-based detergents deliver optimum cleaning ability
  • Reduces maintenance and downtime; keeps fuel fresher for easier starts
  • ASTM D525 & D4329 tested

Available Part No.:

7550012 – 12 fl. oz. Red Armor Fuel® Treatment
7550001 – 1 fl. oz. Red Armor Fuel® Treatment Packet

To learn more about ethanol click here.


Volume 1 oz. packet / 12 oz. bottle Treat Ratio .5 oz. to 1.25 gallons of fuel
Engine Type 2-stroke, 4-stroke, mix-lubricated, EFI Color Red
Package Packet or Bottle Testing NACE "A" Rated/ ASTM D525 & D4329 Tested
Stabilizes Up To 2 years when added to fresh fuel Main Application Day to day use or long term storage


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