The ECHO SRM-225 Straight Shaft Trimmer has officially been tested and given the HandyMan Seal of Approval!

The ECHO SRM-225 Straight Shaft Trimmer has officially been tested and given the HandyMan Seal of Approval!

The final results are a 100% approval rating and a member rating of 9.6! What was the best feature? Performance!

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My ECHO SRM-225 Grass Trimmer was delivered in good condition, fully assembled and ready to go. After glancing through the manual and safety instructions I filled the gas tank with ECHO pre-mixed power fuel. Using the ECHO pre-mixed power fuel sure takes the guesswork out of making a 50:1 gas/oil mix. Following the 7-step instructions in the ECHO Quick Start Guide, the trimmer came to life with only three pulls.(The guide says that it could take as many as eight, and I hate pulling, so this made me a happy camper.) The unit is lightweight and well balanced for two-handed operation. The on-off switch is located at one of the handhold points, which makes for a good safety feature, and the trimmer comes with free safety glasses, so there is no excuse. The front handle and grip are covered in rubber making for a comfortable, no-slip hold. Using the plastic string that came with the unit, my trimmer easily cut through all kinds of grass and grassy weeds. Tender branches that had sprouted from a tree stump were easily removed, but it would not cut tougher woody stems like older raspberry bushes.(Though other accessories available for my trimmer should make short work of even more substantial plants than these.) At one point I hit some resistant thing that caused the string to come out of its hole, but it was not difficult to reinsert it after stopping the motor. It wasn't long before I had neatened up the four corners of my yard and everything in between, finding some things behind my garage that I hadn't seen in years. All told, I found this tool to be very efficient and easy to use.I would highly recommend it to others.

Amanda Clinton, NJ

I absolutely loved testing this product. It's by far one of the easiest to start and operate as well. I am actually a new user when it comes to ECHO. I recently bought a leaf blower and I'm really impressed with their products and can't wait to make my next purchase.

Anthony Knoxville, TN

This product has several great features. It has ease of start, very good set up of cold start choke, has tremendous power for a trimmer, comfortable handle, easy string change, and a comfortable straight design. It is a great product which I would recommend, and I would purchase other ECHO products after using this one. It is the "real deal"! 

Betty Junction City, AR

After testing this product I would highly recommend it for the homeowner to the landscaper! Powerful enough to trim through the thickest grass and light enough to take most of the work out of your projects!

Brandon Yuma, AZ

This well balanced easy starting machine has great power, super easy operation, and reloading line is very quick and easy.

Charles Albemarle, NC

This is the first straight shaft trimmer I've used, I've always used a curve shaft before.I would highly recommend this trimmer.I was a little worried about the handle, but it seems to hold up fine so far and takes all the vibration out. I've only used the trimmer three times but it is very easy to start. I think the shield could have been bigger to protect the operator better. I do like the pre-mix they sent so you don't have an extra can of gas sitting around and you don't have to worry about the mixing formula (Safer also!). I got the pre-mix a day or two prior to the trimmer. The trimmer was already pre-assembled so there was no hassle of having the correct tools.  I went to ECHO's website and registered the trimmer (very easy process!) and checked out the various attachments I can get for this trimmer. Only problem was there was only one store listed in my area for purchasing the attachments and that store did not know anything about the attachments. So far, compared to other trimmers, I am very impressed with this one and I knew ECHO had a good reputation.

Charles Beaufort, SC

I liked how easy it was to start, and how it felt well balanced. The PowerFuel was a plus. However after a brief time of use I felt that a shoulder strap would be a great help for me

David Rockmart, GA

This product is so light, easy to start, and a cinch to use. Reloading the trim line can be done very quickly and easily. I would recommend this product to anyone who does their own yard work.

Deanna Fresno, CA

I loved the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer. It cut through all the long grass in the back of my yard. It trimmed and cut down all off the stuff that I could not cut last year before the winter came.

Edward Conover, NC

I was very impressed with this trimmer! It is a lot lighter than other models I've used, but doesn't lack in quality and durability. It also has a very soft ergonomic grip for stability and seems to have less vibration than other units I've used making it easier on you on those long work days. I also like the fact that the trim head comes to a complete stop when idling, gives you a safer feel when between trimming areas. I also recommend the ECHO 50:1 Premixed PowerFuel, seems to give trimmer motors a smoother and longer run.

Joshua Waynesville, NC

I've bought many trimmers before, but after trying this one I've found the one I'll buy until they don't make any more. I'm big on likes, dislikes and reviews, but I'm here to say  until you try this trimmer, you won't know the best things about it. My other trimmers wouldn't cut, but  this one did. And when it comes to starting, it was half the pull to start. The fuel economy is awesome. Thank you ECHO!

Marvin Rockport, TX

Received this product from ECHO for testing. Instructions for using were clear and to the point. Like the straight shaft which makes it easy to use without straining the back. Not as heavy as other trimmers I own. Easier to start also. Have used several times since getting and has made quick work of all tasked of it. Cleaning was a breeze. Would recommend this trimmer to those looking for a trimmer. Before I tested it I did not want to spend this much money on a trimmer. Will look at ECHO next time I need a product.

Michael Alexandria, AL

The quality of this trimmer is top notch. It is easy to start, has plenty of power, and is comfortable to use. Every thing adds up to a trimmer that no homeowner should be without.

Mike Charleston, WV

I used this the first time at my church. There is a lot of trimming and edging that needs to be done there and having done this dozens of times before with other high dollar trimmers, I figured this would test out the low vibration technology. Usually when I complete the trimming and edging, my arms are so tired that I can barely lift the trimmer and place it in the back of the truck due to the long use and vibration. After using ECHO, my arms felt great as if I only did my small yard and not hours of trimming. 

Preston Mesquite, TX

I've gone through several gas weed trimmers in recent years and most are history after the first year.The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer will not be in that category! I've already used this trimmer more than most people will use one in a single season and it has not failed me. I have used this trimmer at several locations: my home, my son's home, my neighbor's home and most importantly my church. I mow and trim the entire church grounds and this encompasses just over 6 acres. I've used the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer not only to trim the walkways and drive but to clear some pretty tough Johnson grass and sage. The SRM-225 is so easy to start and maneuver that it's a pleasure to operate and I can't say that about the other trimmers I've used. It starts on the first pull each and every time and runs flawlessly! Once you use the SRM-225 one time you realize that a huge amount of design and testing went into the production of this trimmer. It's very lightweight and so easy to use. You aren't worn out after using it for 3 hours of trimming.You can spend more but you won't find a better trimmer. Fantastic trimmer!!! 

Rick Jonesboro, AR

I have always bought bent shaft trimmers because I always thought the shorter shaft would be easier for my short, 5'8" frame. I knew as soon as I took it out of the box and felt the balance of the longer shaft, that it was going to be much easier to run than I ever thought it would. It was lighter than I thought it would be and just felt good in my hands. Shipped and packaged very well in a sturdy box re-enforced corners and straps. The can of ECHO Power-Fuel was super nice to have for the first time trying out the trimmer so there was no mistake mixing fuel. It started with only three pulls of the rope. I tested it on some pretty heavy pompas grass and it had the power to cut right through the big weeds. I do think a strap or harness would have been nice to include but I'll pick one up when I go to purchase some attachments for my new trimmer. I want to try it with the blade(s) attached but I'm sure it will have power enough to do a great job. A very good trimmer with a pro like feel.

Steve Deer Lodge, TN

This was my first experience with an ECHO brand power tool and I was pleasantly surprised. The light weight, the easy starting, and the power sold me on the ECHO brand trimmer. The ECHO made the chore of cutting the lawn much less taxing. I also received can of ECHO's PowerFuel with my trimmer and liked the fact that I had no mixing to do and it contains no ethanol which will help to preserve my trimmer, I will stick with the PowerFuel as well.

Steve Newport, TN

This trimmer is a great tool, and works flawlessly. It is comfortable and balanced, and the drive shaft is longer than the other trimmers I have. The longer driveshaft helps my comfort, not having to stoop as much when operating the trimmer. There are no attachments that you can swap out to do other jobs, but if you are looking for a dedicated trimmer only, look no further. This trimmer also has an 8" brush cutting blade that dose an outstanding job clearing scrub brush up to around 1-1/2" diameter thick bushes.

William Pearland, TX

This product is great! It made my yard work much easier and I'm looking forward to getting some of the accessories to use around the yard. It started up much easier than my old trimmer and the speed feed head allowed me to continue working without having to stop every few minutes to put new string on the trimmer.

Z San Angelo, TX

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