The ECHO SRM-225 Straight Shaft Trimmer has officially been tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club!

The ECHO SRM-225 Straight Shaft Trimmer has officially been tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club!

The final results are a 100% approval rating and a member rating of 9.3! What was the best feature? Starting Ability!

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It was really easy to use the first time. The fact that they sent me the fuel too made me so happy. I didn't have to mix it all myself and worry about getting it wrong. I could get the job done quickly.

Adrian Leicester, NC

The ECHO worked great. It started on the 3rd try first time out. It runs smoothly, has great power for its size and is very easy to restring.

Brian Riner, VA

This unit is very solid and easy to start with the premix straight fuel provided. The long shaft makes it easy to reach places that you are unable to reach with smaller units. I would change the head to a quick load, only because I have a lot of trimming and do not want to stop to re-spool the head. I will only use premix straight gas from now on in my garden tools.

Chris Denver, PA

I gave the SRM-225 five stars because it deserves them. I have been using other types of trimmers, but none compare to this one. The ease of use is great, it's size saves my back and the fuel can be stored on a shelf in my garage without using up a lot of space. Over all, this tool for its price is a great buy. I love it.

Fred Oswego, IL

The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer is a well built, well engineered, well priced home trimmer. Not only is it powerful enough to blast through the tallest, thickest grasses, it also accepts brush blades and can plow through saplings with ease. The unit is extremely easy to start and operate. The string advances with a slight tap to the ground, and refilling the spool is the easiest, most clever way imaginable. There is no need to remove the head. Just cut the line to length, align the holes in the head with the shaft, insert the line through the holes until you have equal length on both sides and rotate the head to spool the line. Easy, easy, easy. The engine starts easily and runs smoothly. I would recommend this trimmer to any home-owner that needs the ability to attach brush blades or has a lot of heavy grasses to trim.

Gregory Dorchester, WI

We have a wooded acre lot. Saplings had taken over under the main trees and we could not enjoy the majority of our property. We bought the saw blade attachment for the trimmer. It was easier to use on the smaller trees than a chainsaw and it made quick work through the multitude of saplings and brush. Now we are free to enjoy our woods and spend a lot less time maintaining it.The trimmer is easy to use, versatile and very, very useful.

Heather Hendersonville, NC

I've used the ECHO SRM-225 for 3 months now. It has performed flawlessly. It is light weight and gets the job done as easily as its big brother the ECHO SRM-230. I've used them both. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the best string trimmer out there.

Jason Macungie, PA

This is a weed eater/trimmer that is made for the person that wants to have ease of use with power to cut weeds and grass. It also has an option to use the available attachments to extend its use that goes beyond just grass trimming.

Jean Edgar Springs, MO

I have this trimmer. It came in a box fully assembled and ready to go. I have a large area that needs trimming several times a year. For a big job, the long shaft and wide cutting area helped to easily get the job done. The high power also helped me to cut through high thick weeds. It's a well made tool, a solid construction, easy to start, and ran well. The easy start is very nice. All plastic is well made and sturdy. The cutting head is easy to open and close when you have to re-load the string.

Jeff West Harrison, IN

This trimmer is one of the best trimmers I have used. Easy starting, easy respooling, trims great, It's not too heavy and there is hardly any vibration.

Jennifer Delton, MI

We finally had enough snow off the ground and found a place around the trees to try out this trimmer and boy did it do a great job!

Patty Merrill, WI

The product performs very well and is easy to use with the new line threading. I was not quite sure about the new handle and trigger at first, but it just took a little getting used to. I would purchase one and when this one dies I will purchase another. Easy to use, light weight and dependable product!

Paula Shafer, MN

WOW ECHO SRM-225 grass trimmer/bush cutter is one of the best trimmers I have used. It has multiple attachments which makes it very versatile. It is light weight and well balanced, plus it's easy to start.

Robert Leander, TX

My husband uses it with ease. It is a little heavy for me, but does a terrific job. It also edges well. I would highly recommend this trimmer.

Susan Crossville, AL

The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer is an excellent product. It's simple and easy to use and yet it's powerful enough to take care of any lawn problem. 5 Stars!

Tim Niagara Falls, NY

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